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Lead Project Manager, Operational Real Estate, Schroders, London, UK

Lead Project Manager, Operational Real Estate, Schroders, London, UK

Posted on: Jun.24.2022

Who we're looking for

Schroders Capital Real Estate is seeking an Operational Real Estate, Lead Project Manager to oversee the roll-out of our Operational Real Estate Strategies across Europe.

The real estate market is rapidly changing and becoming more operational, meaning that income and returns are dependent on the success of the business of the tenant inside of the building, rather than on the lease contract. As result, the connection with the tenant and understanding the key drivers of their business models becomes key. Landlords therefore need to adopt a full hospitality-led approach to asset and property management: every asset must be managed as a business in itself to offer flexible lease terms to ensure the tenant can optimise their operations within the building, to optimise asset operations to limit carbon emissions and waste as such create long term sustainable income and value from the asset and prevent ultimate obsolescence of the building. This requires more specialist real estate skills to drive operational performance, closer management of supply chains and investment in new technologies, as are seen in the management of hotels.

The candidate will aid Schroders Capital Real Estate to expand its Operational Real Estate investment offerings and bring a hospitality mindset and best practices from the hospitality industry to compliment our existing real estate asset management.

About Schroders Capital

Schroders Capital is the private assets division of Schroders Group managing $80bn of capital across real estate, infrastructure and private equity private markets.

Schroders Capital Real Estate is one of Europe's largest real estate managers with deep real estate expertise on the ground across real estate sectors. The real estate investment offering is built around our core skills of operational excellence, sustainability & impact and providing solutions. We offer prospective clients access to our deep real estate expertise across sectors and geographies in a holistic, solutions-driven approach, with strategies and structures tailored to our clients’ requirements with respect to liquidity, risk appetite, income versus return objectives and envisaged governance

The knowledge, experience and qualifications that you need

Technical knowledge

• Experience in real estate with a particular emphasis in hotels, operating real estate and platform growth.
• Viewed externally as an expert in Operational Real Estate.
• Experience at large, internationally-renowned, investment firms with clear evidence of best practices being developed and implemented

Inter-personal skills

• Excellent inter-personal skills with ability to work across multiple cultures and communicate with senior leaders
• Track record of directly overseeing the growth of entrepreneurial teams within an institutional framework

Communications skills

• Ability to eloquently promote the values of Schroders Capital at conferences and in front of clients
• Fluent written and oral communication in English
• At least one other core European language
• Ability to express own views confidently, accurately and coherently orally and in writing.

What you'll be like

• Growth mindset: Curious, keen to learn, adapt and grow.
• Positive, resilient and energetic: Positive energy that motivates yourself and others to rise to a challenge and bounce back from setbacks.
• Self-motivated: Demonstrate initiative, a pro-active approach to work and a strong work ethic
• Inter-personal skills: Can work alongside a wide variety of personality types with diverse skills and backgrounds to motivate and to navigate divergent opinions. Team player with constructive attitude whether in a lead or supporting role within the team. Pro-actively supports other team members.
• Organised: Able to work under pressure, on several priorities at once, and with tight deadlines
• Integrity: Professional with a high standard of personal integrity

We're looking for the best, whoever they are

Schroders is an equal opportunities employer. You're welcome here whatever your socio-economic background, race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious belief, age or disability.


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