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Posted on: Sep.27.2021


The Quality Improvement Coordinator will manage the development, implementation, and evaluation of the RCMS overall quality improvement (QI) program. Identify trends, prioritize and recommend improvements, decrease of data duplication, and ensure compliance to PHP, HRSA and other regulatory bodies.
Reports To: Practice Manager
Location: Gualala and Point Arena Medical Clinics
Exemption: Non-exempt

All RCMS employees are required to function within RCMS policies and procedures, meet the standards outlined in the Employee Handbook and adhere to the code of conduct and the RCMS Mission Statement.
Employees are required to monitor their email and phone voice mail messages daily, and respond to all internal and external communications in an appropriate and timely manner.
RCMS employees are expected to represent RCMS in a professional, positive manner to the community at large, and are encouraged to participate in RCMS fundraising events.


• Plan, direct, and monitor activities as outlined un RCMS’ Quality Improvement Plan and RCMS’ Quality Improvement Plan
• Coordinate the development, implementation and revision of the QI program to meet the needs of the patients, staff, and external agencies
• Organize, compile, and report QI data to identify trends, establish priorities, and recommend improvements activities
• Manage the QI process for RCMS and report regularly to administration and to Board of Directors (Performance Improvement Committee)
• Attend Provider’s meeting, committee meetings and other pertinent meetings to ensure the organization’s overall QI plan implementation and compliance.
• Maintain data systems and documentation for identified QI projects and indicator monitoring
• Assist in the collection of data for identified QI projects
• Assist in providing support/resources (ex. QI education and training) for all clinical staff as needed
• Coordinate Peer Review process for all sites and all clinical service areas
• Coordinate Patient Satisfaction survey process annually
• Perform data mining and prepare reports of clinical outcomes to meet various reporting requirements (i.e. HRSA Sac Grant, UDS, ARCH, PCMH, etc)
• Prepare summary reports for presentation to various committees including Provider’s meeting, QI and PIC • Run reports on all Partnership, HealthPlan, and QIP measures
• Run reports on Blue Shield, QIP, Measures
• Perform outreach to the target patients identified from the reports that require an action to meet QIP measures (appointment, screening labs/tests, diagnostic labs/tests, etc.)
• Outreach to all newly assigned PHP members
• Other duties as assigned


• Familiarity with state and federal regulations
• Excellent organizational, project management, problem-solving skills
• Strong initiative and drive to identify opportunities for improvement and build stakeholder support for solutions
• Open communicator with strong written and verbal communications skills
• Ability to maintain confidentiality and project a professional attitude and image

Education and Experience:

• BSN in Nursing or master’s degree in healthcare administration preferred
• Must demonstrate ability to maintain confidentiality in compliance with HIPAA
• Proficiency in excel
• Proficiency in software programs utilized in QI activities
• Must demonstrate leadership skills and creativity in problem-solving
• A valid California Driver’s License


• Prolonged periods sitting at a desk and working on a computer
• Prolonged periods standing
• Must be able to lift 15 pounds at times

Americans With Disabilities Act Statement: External and internal applicants, as well as position incumbents who become disabled, must be able to perform the essential position responsibilities as listed in this position description either unaided or with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation to be determined by the organization on a case by case basis.


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