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Vacancy: Project Lead, Quality Strategy & Innovation, London, ON, Canada

Vacancy: Project Lead, Quality Strategy & Innovation, London, ON, Canada
Posted on: Oct.07.2021

Leveraging continuous quality improvement (CQI), LEAN and change management principles and methodologies, the Project Lead will provide project management to effectively support and drive the design, facilitation, implementation and evaluation of program/department-based projects and initiatives with an aim to achieve the Strategic Goals of St. Joseph's Health Care.

The Project Lead is expected to provide support to the Executive Team/Project Sponsor, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and stakeholders contained within the scope of the project, enabling the successful management, oversight, risk mitigation, evaluation and sustainability of the identified project goals and outcomes.

As a member of the Quality, Strategy and Innovation team the Project Lead will compliment the suite of supports provided by the Quality Specialists offering project management support to ensure timely and sustainable achievement of program deliverables. The focus of year one will be to bring the work of the ZERO Suicide project to completion and focus on enabling sustainability of achievements.


- Review existing procedures and policies relevant to area of focus (for example Zero Suicide)
- Ensure clinical engagement and integration of clinical expertise is embedded in assigned projects

Clinical Support
- Review existing procedures and policies relevant to area of focus (for example Zero Suicide)
- Engage with Health Care Providers to ensure compliance and training consistent with college and professional bodies
- Ensure clinical engagement and integration of clinical expertise is embedded in assigned projects
- Balance clinical and change management expertise to ensure planning and provision of sustainable training and resource creation for clinical teams.

Project Management

Leveraging CQI methodology, LEAN principles and change management strategies, the project lead will provide direct project management including project planning, coordination, implementation, monitoring and control, risk identification and benefit realization.

Under the direction of the project sponsors and subject manager experts (SMEs), the project lead will develop project charters, gather data, support analysis and drive workflow and process redesign in an expedient and efficient manner.

Utilizing standardized project management tracking tools, the project lead will support the stakeholders and project group participants to meet deadlines and achieve milestones, identifying any potential delays or timeline issues to the project sponsors and SMEs.

Responsible for the set-up, preparation and coordination of meetings and events for stakeholders and participants as part of the project.

Create visualizations, briefing notes, power points and other forms of communication for review and use by SMEs and project sponsors as required;

Change Management:

Leverages change management principles and clinical judgement to identify where there may be emotional components related to the potential change and designs strategies to achieve the intended outcomes (e.g. Prosci, Kotter, Lewin, Fisher etc.).

Develops change management plans to enable the project sponsors and SMEs to effectively maximize staff, clinician, patient and caregiver engagement and ensure the smooth adoption of changes.

Continually evaluates the where the project stakeholders and participants are on their change journey, and identifies to the project sponsors and SMEs where change management strategies and methods could be useful in helping to drive the project forward

Risk Identification, Mitigation and Overall Evaluation:

Works with project sponsors, SMEs and stakeholders to validate project scope, identify deliverables, estimate costs and establish project timelines including the early identification of challenges and risks

Considers clinical competencies of all staff when initiating the change work: including scope to ensure best patient outcomes.

Provides continuous up-to-date status reports to all stakeholders, including an evaluation of progress and the achievement of identified milestones and deliverables.

Identifies and documents project risks/issues and recommends mitigation strategies. Project lead will work with the project sponsor and SMEs to ensure that the mitigation strategies are implemented quickly and effectively.

Notifies the sponsor if there are potential changes in scope, budget, resources.

Works with project stakeholders to identify evaluation metrics and engages with relevant internal partners (e.g. QM&CDS, Professional Practice, Finance etc.) to ensure that the metrics identified by the group can be appropriately captured, measured and monitored.

Supports the project sponsors and SMEs in their understanding of the metrics, enabling them to identify when they have achieved success and the intended outcomes of their project

Relationship Management:

Establishes relationships and collaborates with internal departments, leaders and external stakeholders who are within the scope of the project.

Networks with appropriate stakeholders to build relationships and to keep apprised of issues/needs as the project progresses.

Ensures high degree of engagement of key stakeholder group throughout the project adjusting the stakeholder group based on the project life-cycle.

Essential Qualifications

• Bachelor's degree in a health, social science, or business-related profession
• Project Management certification required, including demonstrated project management skills, with extensive knowledge in project management principles and tools at an advanced level
• CQI, IHI and/or LEAN Six Sigma (i.e. Yellow, Green or Black belt) certification required
• 3 - 5 years of experience managing projects
• Knowledge of a Safety Culture in a Health Care Setting in compliance with the OHSA
• Systems thinker, with experience leading projects and initiatives aligned with Strategic direction
• Demonstrated experience conducting risk assessment and mitigation strategies
• Advanced knowledge and demonstrated application of change management principles and practices
• Demonstrated experience providing facilitation of multi-disciplinary of working groups
• Demonstrated intermediate computer skills in Microsoft Word and Excel
• Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
• Ability to collaborate with and influence interdisciplinary clinical and support teams
• Ability to communicate effectively through oral presentations, written reports and presentations
• Ability to manage multiple timelines, and activities effectively
• Strong organizational skills
• Detail oriented
• Ability to work well under pressure and with timelines

Preferred Qualifications

• Masters degree
• Hospital based experience in quality improvement, clinical service redesign and organizational change management

Teaching and Research

• St. Joseph's Health Care London through its affiliation with Western University and Fanshawe College is a leading research and teaching hospital. As an employee of St. Joseph's, you will be expected to engage in role related teaching and research activities in addition to any of your clinical duties

Immunization Requirements

• Provide documentation you have received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine or proof of one dose and a signed commitment to receive a second dose within a specified timeframe, and a written commitment to follow any future Public Health recommendations and St. Joseph's Health Care London policies and processes related to Covid management in the workplace
• Provide vaccination records or proof of immunity against measles, mumps, rubella and varicella (chicken pox)
• Provide documentation of the Tuberculosis skin testing

Posting date: October 07, 2021
Submission deadline: October 13, 2021

Julie Neilans, Human Resources


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