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Vacancy: Manager- HSE ,Ras Al Khair , Saudi Arabia

Vacancy: Manager- HSE ,Ras Al Khair , Saudi Arabia
Posted on: Oct.04.2021


Develop, implement and continuously improve processes, which comprise the environment, health & safety components of the HSE management system. Undertake the responsibility for advising or developing all environmental and safety processes, policies, standards, procedures and guidelines. Plan and oversee implementation of processes necessary to deliver environmental and occupational health & safety management systems, aligned with IS0 14001, World Bank Guidelines, and the OHSAS 18001 management system standard.

Contribute to ongoing improvements of environment and safety systems, by analyzing impacts in workplace and construction sites, as well as Khobar offices, and best practices in external environment. Facilitate technical risk assessments and specialist investigations, such as environmental impact assessment studies and the development and monitoring of environmental management programs, as well as incident investigations. Conduct fire prevention and protection assessments. Implement emergency preparedness processes Audit contractor compliance and conduct system audits Define environment & safety requirements and standards for construction projects.

Prepare training lesson plans and present training to staff in terms of environment &safety systems and standards. Participate in the preparation of budgets and HSE business plans. Liaise with consultants and MPC personnel regarding the environmental & occupational health aspects pertaining to safety.

Assist operation and project to resolve environmental & safety challenges, to contribute towards continuous safety and environmental performance improvement. Frequent direct contacts at own and higher level within the project regarding the environmental and safety aspects of the business, as well as other environment & safety staff at other operations and projects Analytical and problem solving skills. Advanced interpersonal and communication skills. Good report writing and presentation skills

Experience & Qualifications

12 Years Of experience in addition, Full Experience l in leading position of HSE
Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Environment / Safety

Work Locations

Ras Al Khair
Ras Al Khair


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