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Vacancy: Senior Sales Development Manager, St. Johns, NL, Canada

Vacancy: Senior Sales Development Manager, St. Johns, NL, Canada
Posted on: Oct.08.2021

About us

Predictable Revenue is a market leader in Sales Development, our founder Aaron Ross wrote a book that popularized the idea and the company grew from there. We are headquartered in Canada, operate as a distributed team and have team members in Canada, US, and Mexico.

We are looking for a senior sales development manager to be a part of our pods organization, our team that books meetings for our customers. This will involve sales development strategy, managing people, hiring and firing, and coaching/onboarding/training the team.

If you have strong sales and leadership skills, you should consider applying for this role even if you don’t tick all the boxes.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Hiring new team members
• Manage the onboarding and ongoing talent development processes
• Problem solve client issues
• Stay current on sales development and contribute best practices


• Sales development - must have been an SDR that consistently hit quota and know how the role comes together.
• Sales management - must have strong people management skills.
• Bonus if you have
• SDR Management experience (huge bonus)
• Fluent Spanish
• Experience working/managing people in Mexico
• Account management experience
• Customer Success experience
• Negotiation skills
• Able to adapt and succeed in a changing environment

The Details

This is a full-time role with flexible location and hours (your team will be spread across Canada, USA, and Mexico in PST and EST). We’re passionate about our people and our culture - we do everything we can to make sure we have an inclusive environment for all. Being a part of the Predictable Revenue team means that you are curious by nature and love to experiment. We are in the business of fostering growth within the team as personal and professional development is a top priority. We’re offering a competitive compensation of salary and benefits. Come and join us!


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