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You have been given a big project to complete. This is an important project for your company, therefore management does not want any delay in completion. As soon as the project charter is signed, you start identifying and categorizing stakeholders using various data representation tools. Which of the following tools will you not use here?
  1. Brain writing
  2. Stakeholder cube
  3. Direction of influence
  4. Salience model

2. A team member who does not have the required skills or knowledge was assigned to a team. Who is responsible for ensuring that he receives the project training?

  1. The sponsor
  2. The functional manager
  3. The project manager
  4. The training coordinator
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3. Diana is managing the development of a mobile phone application. Half the project work has been completed. Diana is currently reviewing her stakeholder engagement plan. She finds that some of the resisting stakeholders have now become supportive. How should Diana update her stakeholder engagement plan?

  1. Do not update the stakeholder engagement plan at this stage since things are getting better.
  2. Transfer these stakeholders to the project supporters group, and for these stakeholders, adopt the stakeholder engagement strategy defined for the project supporters.
  3. For these stakeholders, continue with the defined resisting stakeholder engagement strategy since this strategy has produced positive results so far.
  4. Transfer these stakeholders to the project supporters group but continue with the defined resisting stakeholder engagement strategy with these stakeholders.
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4. Fill in the blank. _______________ indicates that planning and documentation are iterative or ongoing activities.

  1. Progressive management
  2. Iterative elaboration
  3. Waterfall development
  4. Progressive elaboration
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5. Which statement BEST explains the phrase “Quality is planned in, not inspected in.”

  1. It is more expensive to determine quality by inspection than by planning it.
  2. Quality activities occur during the planning process group of the project
  3. Quality is part of planning, not inspection
  4. Planning for quality is after the fact.
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6. Your project has a cost overrun and a new budget has been approved. Which formula will you use to calculate the TCPI?

  1. (BAC–AC) / (BAC–EV)
  2. (BAC–AC) / (EAC–EV)
  3. (BAC–EV) / (BAC–AC)
  4. (BAC–EV) / (EAC–AC)
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7. The output of the Validate Scope process is accepted deliverables that are formally signed off by the stakeholders. The stakeholders, on some projects, can get involved with the project as early as:

  1. During the project initiation
  2. During the project planning
  3. During the project execution
  4. During the project monitoring & controlling
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8. You have recently become the project manager for a construction project. You are a new hire in your company and are unaware of the organizational project management standards. Which of the following can help you get a head start on your project?

  1. Communicate with other project managers in your organization
  2. Review the PMBOK guide thoroughly
  3. Develop the project charter and get it approved
  4. Consult the lessons learned from your previous similar projects
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9. Which option is not representative of the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs of the Direct and Manage Project Work process?

  1. PMIS, Project Management Plan, and Deliverables
  2. Deliverables, Approved Change Requests, and Project Management Information System
  3. Approved Change Requests, Validated Changes, and PMIS
  4. Approved Change Requests, Project Management Plan, and Work Performance Data
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10. You have a US $100,000,000 project that has 34 team members in four different countries. At the completion of project planning, you have identified six risks, 225 work packages, 13 stakeholders and seven phases to the project life cycle. What part of this project management plan needs to be revisited?

  1. The Identify Risks process
  2. The staffing management plan
  3. The network diagram
  4. The communications management plan
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