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Project Management Question Bank

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Your project has a cost overrun and a new budget has been approved. Which formula will you use to calculate the TCPI?
  1. (BAC–AC) / (BAC–EV)
  2. (BAC–AC) / (EAC–EV)
  3. (BAC–EV) / (BAC–AC)
  4. (BAC–EV) / (EAC–AC)

2. Which document describes the project's deliverables and the work required to create those deliverables?

  1. Project authorization document
  2. Project scope statement
  3. Project scope management plan
  4. Project charter
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3. During which stage of risk planning are risks prioritized based on their relative probability and impact?

  1. Perform Qualitative risk analysis
  2. Identify Risks
  3. Perform Quantitative risk analysis
  4. Plan Risk Responses
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4. Change requests are an output of which processes?

  1. Manage Project Team and Report Performance
  2. Manage Stakeholder Expectation and Determine Budget
  3. Define Scope and Plan Communications
  4. Plan Procurements and Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis.
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5. Which of the following techniques focuses on identifying non-value-added activities in a project?

  1. Pareto charting
  2. Process analysis
  3. Root cause analysis
  4. Affinity diagrams
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6. A project manager is working with management to create the project estimate. During the initiating process group, what level of accuracy should the estimate have?

  1. +/- 50 percent
  2. -10 percent to +25 percent
  3. -35 percent to +75 percent
  4. -10 percent to +10 percent
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7. You have joined an ongoing project. This project is in trouble, so you identify the issues which have the highest effect on the project, and now you are analyzing the reason for these issues. Which tool are you using now?

  1. Fishbone diagram
  2. Pareto diagram
  3. Scatter diagram
  4. Tornado diagram
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8. Which of the following is an advantage of centralized contracting?

  1. Increased expertise
  2. Easier access
  3. No home
  4. More loyalty to the project.
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9. The Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle as the basis for quality improvement is usually attributed to:

  1. Deming
  2. Crosby
  3. Juran
  4. Pareto
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10. You work at a software company that authors Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for chemical companies. Prior to releasing the MSDS to the company, you have created a list of items for review to ensure they appear in the document. These items include chemical name, CAS#, protection required, what to do in an emergency, etc. This list is an example of what type of tool?

  1. Checklist
  2. Process Improvement Plan
  3. Quality Management Plan
  4. Quality Metrics
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