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You are a project manager of a complex project which involves many procurement contracts with subcontractors. During the execution phase, a subcontractor comes to you and says that he has completed his part of the work. You reviewed the facts and provided the subcontractor with a formal written notice that the contract has ended. What process is this?
  1. Validate scope
  2. Verify scope
  3. Close procurements
  4. Control procurements

Q2. Jane is currently reviewing a list of project proposals. All the proposed projects achieve some of the organizational strategic objectives and their expected costs are known. However, Jane cannot execute all the projects due to the funding limitation. How shall Jane determine which projects she needs to execute this year?

  1. Select the high-budget projects and drop the low-budget projects
  2. Select the low-budget projects and drop the high-budget projects
  3. Select the projects that maximize organizational revenue
  4. Select the projects that maximize the business value
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Q3. A project manager can BEST resolve the differences between the requirements of one stakeholder and those of another by making which of these statements?

  1. There are many points on which we agree. I am certain if we focus on them, we will find a solution.
  2. Let’s look at why there is a difference of opinion on the requirements.
  3. This discussion is getting too heated. Let’s regroup to solve the problem tomorrow.
  4. I have made the decision to resolve the problem this way.
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Q4. You are sitting in a group discussion with 13 stakeholders and collecting ideas. Now you are in the final stage and are selecting the final idea. As there are many ideas, you decide to vote. After voting you see that a particular idea receives 7 votes, so you go with that option. What kind of decision making is this?

  1. Unanimity
  2. Majority
  3. Plurality
  4. Dictatorship
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Q5. You are in the middle of executing a major modification to an existing product when you learn that the resources promised at the beginning of the project are not available. The BEST thing to do is to:

  1. Show how the resources were originally promised to your project.
  2. Re-plan the project without the resources
  3. Explain the impact if the promised resources are not made available
  4. Crash the project
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Q6. You are managing a multi-million dollar project that is a joint venture between your company and another organization. You have repeatedly tried to get the contact and the project charter finalized between the two organizations, but there has been a great deal of arguing over language and details. The project’s scope has been expanding, cost has been increasing, and the schedule has regularly been lengthening. You learn very suddenly that the project has been cancelled because the other organization withdrew its share of the funding for the project. What is the MOST likely reason that this occurred?

  1. Failure to understand the budgetary process
  2. Inadequate scope management
  3. Lack of sponsor commitment
  4. Poorly done initial cost-benefit analysis
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Q7. During its first winter, a multi-year construction project experienced weather-related schedule delay that all the local parties involved described as typical for the area. What should the project manager do to integrate this information into the project schedule?

  1. Lengthen the estimated activity duration for all activities to occur the following winter
  2. Re-evaluate the schedule to determine the potential impact
  3. Leave the current project schedule unchanged and work the issues as they arise next year
  4. Make changes to the project management plan in order to maintain the current project schedule
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Q8. With a clear procurement statement of work, a seller completes work as specified, but the buyer is not pleased with the results. The contract is considered to be:

  1. Null and void.
  2. Incomplete.
  3. Complete.
  4. Waived.
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Q9. You are in the define scope process and defining the detailed scope of the product and the project. This process helps you define the description of product, service or result and define boundaries and tells you about requirement inclusion and exclusion. Which of the following is not an outcome once the process ends?

  1. Acceptance criteria
  2. Project exclusions
  3. Risk register update
  4. Stakeholder register update
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Q10. While reviewing project procurement and accounting records for your project, you discover there is a pattern of unauthorized expenses by a specific resource. These expenses are not within the scope of the project and were somewhat camouflaged within a number of large and complicated expense reports. What do you do?

  1. If the total expenses are less than 1 percent of the project budget, do nothing
  2. Fire the resource
  3. Notify the appropriate management immediately
  4. Confront the resource
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