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Project Management Question Bank

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You are performing the inspection of a deliverable with your contractor to determine if the deliverable is meeting requirements. After being satisfied with the inspection, you accept the deliverable. Which process are you in?
  1. Quality control
  2. Validate scope
  3. Close procurement
  4. Procurement audit

2. The project manager has performed schedule network analysis, compressed the schedule and completed a Monte Carlo analysis. What schedule management activity should be done NEXT?

  1. Update resource requirements
  2. Recommend corrective actions
  3. Estimate Activity Durations
  4. Create a milestone list
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3. Robert’s project is a high-priority project for his organization. Project stakeholder engagement is crucial for the project’s success. Robert needs to discuss the project stakeholder engagement levels with his project team on a regular basis. Which of the following is the best platform where Robert can review this with his team?

  1. Phase gates
  2. Project status review meetings
  3. Kill points
  4. Information management system
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4. You just found out that a major subcontractor for our project consistently provides deliverables late. The subcontractor approaches you and asks you to continue accepting late deliverables in exchange for a decrease in project costs. This offer is an example of.

  1. Confronting.
  2. Compromise.
  3. Smoothing.
  4. Forcing.
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5. Using the chart, what is the lowest cost of crashing this project to save four weeks?

  1. $18,000
  2. $6,000
  3. $7,000
  4. $9,000
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6. You need to make a major change to the equipment used on the project. You know of a product that meets your needs, but you are worried because your brother owns the company that produces the product. What should you do?

  1. Negotiate a good deal for the project with your brother
  2. Let the customer know of the issue
  3. Submit the bid and allow your brother to negotiate with the contracting office
  4. Eliminate your brother from bidding
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7. The critical path method (CPM) calculates the theoretical early start and finish dates and late start and finish dates. The difference between the late and early start of a task is a:

  1. Free float
  2. Feeding buffer
  3. Danger zone
  4. Total float
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8. Which of the following is NOT part of the expert judgment tool and technique for the develop project management plan process?

  1. Tailor the process to meet the project needs
  2. Hold planning meetings to develop the risk management plan
  3. Determine resources and skill levels needed to perform project work
  4. Define the level of configuration management to apply to the project
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9. You are the project manager responsible for building a 100,000-squarefoot data center. One of the scheduled activities in your plan is to install the Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units. However, a raised floor must be installed in the data center before installation of the units can begin. This is an example of what type of precedence relationship?

  1. Finish to Finish
  2. Start to Finish
  3. Start to Start
  4. Finish to Start
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10. A new store development project requires the purchase of various equipment, machinery, and furniture. The department responsible for the development recently centralized its external purchasing process and standardized its new order system. In which document can these new procedures be found?

  1. Project scope statement
  2. WBS
  3. Staffing management plan
  4. Organizational policies
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