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Career Development

how to start your own business.jpg

How to start your own business

People consider starting their own business for a variety of reasons. Setting up your own business allows you to work for yourself rather than someone else gives you some flexibility with your work schedule or allows you to express your creativity in the product or service you offer. Though starting your own business requires dedication and commitment, the rewards may be well worth the effort. In this article, we discuss how to get your business started. ...Read More

How to think outside the box- Examples.jpg

How to think Outside The Box

“I will bet you $1” said Fred, “that if you give me $2, I will give you $3 in return.” Tom agreed and gave Fred $2. How much money did Tom win? It seems that Fred will give Tom $3 dollars at which point Tom will lose the bet and will have to give $1 back. Overall Tom wins nothing. However, there may be more to this puzzle than meets the eye. The true purpose of the bet may not be immediately apparent, and there may be hidden motives at play. Most people assume that as Fred made the bet, he will follow on it. Actually, if Fred loses the bet he wins $1 and Tom loses $1. Thinking outside the box is an idiom that refers to thinking in a creative and innovative way, often by looking at a problem from a different perspective. It is a metaphor for approaching problems and situations with an open mind and thinking unconventionally. In this article, we'll explore some tips, techniques, and funny examples to help you break free from conventional thinking and approach problems in new and innovative ways. Let’s get started! ...Read More

How to meditate at work.jpg

How to Meditate at Work

Countless hours at work can leave us feeling mentally exhausted. Sitting at our desks for long periods, staring at computer screens, answering calls, and focusing on tasks can use up our energy, even if we like our work. When we feel tired, it’s hard to stay focused and productive. With that in mind, it’s important to take breaks during our workday. Scrolling through social media doesn’t count as a break. If you can’t go for a walk, try stretching exercises at your desk to relieve tension. But the best way to reset and refresh yourself is through meditation. It’s an effective tool for reducing both physical and mental stress. You can practice meditation exercises at your desk to rediscover focus, calmness, and clarity anytime from morning till night. What follows is a step-by-step guide to how to meditate at work, including different approaches and methods to match your unique needs and situation. ...Read More

How to write a cover letter.jpg

How to Write a Cover Letter- Tips and Examples

A cover letter accompanies your resume when applying for jobs. It's an opportunity to introduce yourself and highlight your skills, abilities, and accomplishments that align with the job requirements. Keep it concise, typically 3-4 paragraphs, and use a conversational yet professional tone to convey your enthusiasm for the company. The goal is to entice the employer to read your resume and invite you for an interview. In this article, we explain how to write a cover letter that makes a great first impression on potential employers. ...Read More

Career development tips.jpg

Career development tips

Career development is the process of choosing a career, improving your skills, and advancing along a career path. It's a lifelong process of learning and decision-making that brings you closer to your ideal job, skillset, and lifestyle. Improving your career development will help you stay competitive when it's time to seek a promotion or apply for a new opportunity. The tips below will help you improve your career development so you can succeed in your chosen career path. ...Read More

personal branding at work 2.jpg

In summary- Personal branding at work

Do you really need a personal brand at work? You can be surprised how many things form your reputation. It includes your professional skills, communication with colleagues, and even how you rock the office parties. In other words, your personal brand at work is what your colleagues think about you or how they would describe you. For example, are you a quiet analyst who always does everything well but no one knows about it, or an office superstar who is always in the center of attention? In the same way, as a company brand contributes to success in the market, building your personal brand at work will bring you success in your career. So, how do you get started?  The trick is to make your personal brand a fulfilling part of your day-to-day job. Here’s how: ...Read More

signs you need a vacation.jpg

Deadly signs you need a vacation ASAP

Despite a seemingly endless stream of articles warning of the perils associated with overworking, many people still choose to forgo vacations. Some people are simply workaholics. Many employees feel they are already too behind in their work and they fear falling even further behind if they take their vacation. Some are worried about their boss's perception, especially when no one else is taking their vacation. And some employees in a highly competitive industry are even fearful it can cost them their job either because it will reflect poorly on their work ethic or it will leave an opening for a colleague to prove themselves while they're away. But no matter how worried you are, or how much you love your work, not taking regular vacations is a proven recipe for burnout that can lead to major health issues and end up requiring an even longer break away from work. "The list of stress-related health issues caused by an endless work schedule is enormous, including sleepless nights, stomach issues, irritability, backaches, and tension headaches. In this article we share common signs that you need to take a vacation ASAP. ...Read More

signs you might get fired.jpg

Signs you might get fired

While there are many ways to leave a job, getting fired is not the way most employees anticipate leaving their place of employment. Getting fired implies that an individual is leaving an organisation on poor terms. Sometimes a dismissal can happen suddenly, while on some occasions there can be indications of an imminent sacking. In this article, we discuss reasons why employees get fired and learn about how to look out for and identify any signs that you might get fired. ...Read More

Toxic workplace n2-2.jpg

Toxic workplace- Signs and solutions

Toxic workplaces nowadays are ever-growing. With more and more people experiencing burnout, we all need to stop and take a long hard look at the environment we work in. As Aristotle put it: “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work” But, if a person starts to fail at their job, and feels unhappy, how can they know if it’s them – or the workplace itself? Has the air in your office ever felt heavy? Is there tension? Are deadlines getting closer to each other, and people seem stressed out? In this article, we reveal signs of a toxic workplace, explore factors that lead to it, and offer advice on how to combat such an environment. ...Read More

Company Reputation.jpg

Top 20 reputable companies in 2022 and their employees satisfaction

A company's reputation affects growth and revenue. It's important to maintain an outstanding reputation in order to attract and keep customers. Learning what affects a company's reputation and how to improve the reputation a company can help accomplish expansion goals, establish brand and increase sales. In this article we explore top 20 Reputable Companies according to RepTrak’s 2022 report, The Global ranking show how people feel, think, and act towards companies, ...Read More

Technical Report Writing 2.jpg

In Summary- Technical Report Writing

Technical report is a document that describes the progress, process, or results of technical research. It also can include some recommendations and conclusions, and may be considered as grey literature because they rarely undergo comprehensive independent peer review before publication. Technical reports are a great source of technical information. They can be written both for wider or internal distribution. Technical reports are a central part of your professional success and are usually designed to: • Convince the reader of your position • Persuade them to act, or • Inform them of your findings. They are an opportunity for you to: • Clearly communicate a solution to a problem • Recommend action, and • Aid decision making. ...Read More

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Jokes that work at work

A serious workplace can suck out the positive vibes from the work environment. Contrary to popular belief, it is actually critical to have fun in order to boost mood, improve productivity, and performance in the long run. In fact, a study found that happier employees are more productive by an average of 12%. ...Read More

thinking outside the box.jpg

Thinking Outside The Box- Examples

Out of the box thinking means doing things differently, not caring what others think, and marching to the beat of your own drum. ...Read More

bad boss.jpg

10 Signs you have a bad manager

A good boss supports his employees and promotes their growth. A bad boss keeps his employees down and creates an uncomfortable working atmosphere - with all the negative consequences. Are you a bad boss or manager, or do you have a bad boss or manager? In this article we will give you ten noticeable features. ...Read More

under the table jobs.jpg

20 jobs under the table

Working under the table is one of the smartest ways to make extra income. Jobs under the table can help you save money, make investments, or pay off debts faster. Whether you're working full-time looking for a part-time job, or running a business and looking for some extra income, you can make money working under the table. Nowadays, working under the table is pretty easy and fun. I'm saying this because you can be paid upfront to do what you love in lieu of the official paycheck. Isn't that amazing? If you love to work and want to start making money right away, you can start with the top 20 Make Money Table Jobs in this article. One important thing to know is that getting "under the table" jobs that are well paid can be overwhelming. If so, you may need expert guidance to get started. The tips in this article will help you find your way around. ...Read More

The 48 Laws of Power- Collection.jpg

In Summary- The 48 Laws of Power

In The 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene contends that since you can’t opt out of the game of power, you’re better off becoming a master player by learning the rules and strategies practiced since ancient times. People can’t stand to be powerless. Everyone wants power and is always trying to get more. Striving for and wielding power is a game everyone participates in, whether they want to or not. You’re either a power player or a pawn someone else is playing with. So, what is The 48 Laws of Power book about? Greene has codified 48 laws of power based on examples and writings going back 3,000 years of people who’ve excelled or failed at wielding power, with glorious or bloody results. Greene argues that following the 48 laws will generally increase your power, while failing to follow them will decrease it, or worse. He provides details on how to practice the laws, plus examples and analysis. Whether your aim is conquest, self-defense, or simply to understand the rules of the game, we summarized the 48 laws of power for you ...Read More

Resume Secrets.jpg

Free online course- Resume Secrets- Writing Resumes that Get More Job Interviews

Understand the objectives of resumes Learn resume basics and best practices Follow proper resume writing guidelines Write a resume that stands out Create unique resumes instead of using resume templates Write a cover letter that gets read Learn from actual resume reviews Avoid the most common resume mistakes ...Read More


Free online course- How To Find a Job at Fortune 100 Company?|10 Practical Steps

Aug.18.2021 10 Success tips to resume building, personal branding and interviewing ...Read More

the 7 habits.jpg


Habits are the activities that we repeatedly do in the same manner, day after day. Our character is a composite of our habits. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a #1 Bestseller book on personal development, written by Stephen R. Covey. It has sold more than 15 million copies since its first publication in 1989. Covey says that you can replace old destructive habits with new habits of effectiveness, happiness and trust-based relationship; you just need to examine and find out your bad habits to replace them with these seven habits. 7 Habits can help you: - Get control of your life -Improve relationships -Make smarter decisions -Define your values and what matters most -Get more done in less time - Increase your self confidence - Be happy - Find balance between work and home (and everything else!) ...Read More


How can company strategy support or restrict your growth?

Typically, your career path progresses through four main levels. You begin by offering hard work in exchange for low wages and valuable experience. Eventually, you leverage your accumulated experience to gain higher wages and benefits. However, even while giving your best, you may encounter career stagnation. One significant reason for this can be the limitations imposed by your workplace's strategy due to its current life cycle phase. Therefore, to ensure a smooth career trajectory, you need to transition to the right workplace at the right time. This requires understanding the four levels of career development and the four phases of a business life cycle, along with how their overlap can either accelerate or decelerate your progress. ...Read More

UK future jobs2.jpg

15 Jobs to be in demand over the next 15 years

It is impossible to predict all the jobs that will be available to young people at the end of this century. However here are some of the jobs that will be in demand over the next 15 years. ...Read More

How to Negotiate a Salary.jpg

How to Negotiate a Salary

The salary negotiation process can be a tricky one for both employees and job-seekers. Workers can feel uncomfortable asking for higher pay from current or potential employers. With the job market as fickle as it is, some feel grateful just to have found employment at all, settling for a lower salary and neglecting the fact they are working for less than they’re worth. If you’ve been offered a new position at a company or you think your current job title deserves a higher salary increase, it may be time to work on your salary negotiation strategies. ...Read More

company evaluation.jpg

Criteria to Evaluate a Company you want to work with

The tedious resume building, the tiring process of job searching, the excitement of getting replies from companies, the nervousness of doing job interviews and the excitement of getting the employment letter are the steps of getting a new job for recent graduates. Accepting the job offer and signing contracts are the most exciting parts of finding a job, but how do you know the job is right for you? After all, you may have this job for the rest of your life. Before signing that contract, there are some things you might want to consider. The following lists of 5 criteria should be thought out when evaluating the company you plan to work with: ...Read More

failing company.jpg

Failing Company !.. Warning signs that your company is failing

Starting your own company is an exciting time but having a great business idea doesn’t always mean long-term success and a high risk of failure is a fact of life for all start-ups. Instead of pumping more time and money into a failing business, sometimes it can be better to cut your losses. It’s no use sticking your head in the sand and the quicker you acknowledge potential problems, the better chance you have of doing something about them before it’s too late. Very few companies fail without warning. Here are five signs that your business could be in serious trouble: ...Read More

own business 3.jpg

Signs You Might Be Ready to Start Your Own Business

Thinking about starting a new business? Running a company can be an amazing adventure, and it can even give you more security than a regular day job. Being your own boss may sound like heaven on earth, but what you have to remember is that it’s still a lot of hard work. It’s easy to feel ready much earlier than you actually are, and it’s equally easy to let fear hold you back long after you should have jumped. Here are 15 signs that show you might be ready to start your own business:
...Read More


Resignation- signs you should quit your job

We asked executives who have been through many career highs and lows how to know when it’s time to move on from a job. Many professionals examine their career in a harder, more critical way, prompting them to reconsider how they’re pacing. Most of the time, this includes determining whether they should stay loyal to their employer—or start the process of applying elsewhere or going freelance. Most Americans will spend far more time with their coworkers than their spouses, so remaining at a gig that doesn’t fulfill, challenge, or make you happy is not only a waste of time, but also energy and spirit. Instead of seeking the advice of career experts or coaches, many executives at leading companies have been through lots of professional ebbs and flows, so they recognize when it’s time to move on. Here, they explicitly note the hints you might be missing that it’s time to quit your job. ASAP. ...Read More


How to find the right job

A quick online browse of a few job boards can easily demonstrate that there is no shortage of positions available. But building a rewarding career doesn’t involve accepting just any job. It’s all about knowing how to find the right job for you – one that engages and motivates you, and brings the rewards of making a valuable contribution each working day. ...Read More

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