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I like films ______.
  1. they are interesting
  2. which hasn’t got a sad story
  3. are not sad ones
  4. that are funny

Q2. Find the synonym of the following words written in capitals. ***** Somebody TAPPED ON the door at night.

  1. knocked at
  2. closed
  3. looked through
  4. came up
  5. took care of
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Q3. We were having dinner in a restaurant last night when this guy at the next table flew off the handle because

  1. the food was so delicious
  2. the waiter was so handsome
  3. the waiter brought the wrong thing
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Q4. Bill is a ……… of habit. Every Sunday he goes for a swim in the river.

  1. kind
  2. animal
  3. creature
  4. type
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Q5. You can shout until you're ……… in the face but she won't hear you. She's as deaf as a post.

  1. blue
  2. green
  3. pink
  4. black
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Q6. If she ______ younger, she could start jogging.

  1. were
  2. would be
  3. is
  4. will be
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Q7. If we______ the plan you suggest, we are more likely to be successful.

  1. decide
  2. elect
  3. command
  4. vote
  5. adopt
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Q8. Every summer many people, girls and women as well as boys and men, try to swim from England to France or from France to England. The distance at the nearest points is only about twenty miles, but because of the strong currents the distance that must be swum is usually twice as far. The first man to succeed in swimming across the Channel was Captain Webb, an Englishman. This was in August 1875. He landed in France 21 hours 45 minutes after entering the water at Dover. Since then there have been many successful swims and the time has been shortened. One French swimmer crossed in 11 hours and 5 minutes. ---------- 10. Swimming the Channel is not as easy as it might seem _____.

  1. as the distance between the two counties is far too much.
  2. and it always takes more or less 20 hours.
  3. and only two people have managed to do it so far.
  4. so few people even try to swim it.
  5. for there are very strong currents.
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Q9. Find the synonym of the following word. ***** Important

  1. complex
  2. secondary
  3. detailed
  4. significant
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Q10. Since the day he ______ ill he ______ a lot of reading.

  1. was / had done
  2. is / has done
  3. was / has done
  4. is / has been done
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