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Nobody ______ objecting to the decision to closedown the factory.
  1. is
  2. are
  3. isn’t
  4. wasn’t

Q2. If you tell Maria there's a surprise English test today, you won't see her for ……… .

  1. cloud
  2. rain
  3. fog
  4. dust
Correct Answer

Q3. When he was out of work, Frank was a couch potato and he

  1. put on a lot of weight
  2. lost a lot of weight
  3. lost a lot of money
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Q4. _____ at home, she left a note on the front door.

  1. Realising there was nobody
  2. By realising nobody was
  3. Realised nobody was
  4. On realised there wasn’t anybody
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Q5. Silvia had egg on his face after saying he was much better than all the other drivers, and then

  1. winning the race
  2. coming last in the race
  3. coming second in the race
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Q6. Your cough ______ get better if you don’t stop smoking.

  1. will
  2. would
  3. won’t
  4. didn’t
Correct Answer

Q7. It was hot; ______ we went swimming.

  1. because
  2. therefore
  3. as long as
  4. even though
Correct Answer

Q8. Some of the boys in the class used to take the ……… out of Alfie's speech impediment.

  1. hooray
  2. mickey
  3. cackle
  4. hampers
Correct Answer

Q9. “Please give me a pain killer.” the patient said. The patient begged the nurse _______ a pain killer.

  1. to give her
  2. she would give her
  3. she would give me
  4. to give me
Correct Answer

Q10. He asked me what I was reading. “______?” he asked me.

  1. What do you read
  2. What you are reading
  3. What are you reading
  4. What you were reading
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