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Our marketing mechanism is deemed successful only if –
  1. We get money from him
  2. Customer is fully satisfied by our products and services
  3. We can sell more than our competitors
  4. We can make more profit than our competitors

Q2. Which among the following is defined as an ability to track and respond to clients in an individualized manner?

  1. Inbound management
  2. Automation
  3. Outbound management
  4. Personalization
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Q3. In ___, active management and assessment of products and services take place

  1. Initial phase
  2. Intelligence phase
  3. Value creation phase
  4. Integration phase
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Q4. In an organisation, SBU stands for ___

  1. Substitute Business Unit
  2. Sub Business unit
  3. Strategic Business Unit
  4. Standard Business Unit
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Q5. Discussions are held with all the ___ of the company during requirements gathering.

  1. Technical staff
  2. Managers
  3. Sales personnel
  4. Stakeholders
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Q6. Using manufacturer’s representatives or sales branches is usually a characteristic of which of the following channel forms?

  1. business marketing channels
  2. customer marketing channels
  3. service marketing channels
  4. direct marketing channels
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Q7. According to the BCG matrix a cash cow.

  1. Has a high market growth rate but small market share
  2. Generates less cash for the firm
  3. Requires firm to invest heavily in market
  4. None of these
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Q8. What is the full form of VMS?

  1. Velocity moving system
  2. Vertical marketing system
  3. Vertical moving system
  4. Very moveable system
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Q9. Collecting marketing information is a marketing function that’s related to ___.

  1. Exchange
  2. Physical supply
  3. Facilitating
  4. Marketing mix
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Q10. ___ are important to develop and evaluate the results of marketing interactions.

  1. Analytical tools
  2. Data warehouses
  3. Campaign management tools
  4. Interfaces
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