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MBTI Assessment

Personality test in-mirrors

The MBTI is a reliable and valid instrument that measures and categorizes your personality and behavior.
According to Carl Jung you can predict differences in people’s behavior if you know how they prefer to use their mind; we each have an inborn preference for using our mind in one of two different ways, in four different categories:
- Extraverted (Energized by others) or Introverted (Energized by ideas, emotions, memories)
- Sensing (Using five senses) or Intuition (Using gut or instincts)
- Thinking (Logical, problem solvers) or Feeling (Consider others, compassionate)
- Perceiving (Taking in information) or Judging (Organizing information and making decisions)

• There are a total of 16 possible “types” based on unique combinations of the preferences.
• Four letters are used to represent a type, for example a person with preferences for Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging is called an ESTJ.
• Each type has strengths and weaknesses. No type is better than another.
• People can use this assessment tool to validate their preferences on each of the four dichotomies and understand the sixteen different personality types that result from the interactions among preferences.

• Knowing your type can help you:
- choose a career that might be a good match for your personality
- understand others
- understand your own behavior
- communicate better with others
- work more cooperatively in groups with others
- manage people better in a work situation
- appreciate individual differences
- And more…

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