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Project Management Question Bank
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You just found out that a major subcontractor for your project consistently delivers items late. You decide to postpone dealing with the issue until you have more time. What conflict resolution method are you using?
  1. Ignoring
  2. Compromise
  3. Smoothing
  4. Withdrawal.

Q2. You are working in a large organization and managing a project to construct a road. To help you in your project, your PMO is providing you with their support and require you to comply with them. What kind of PMO is this?

  1. Supportive
  2. Controlling
  3. Directive
  4. Helping
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Q3. “Do the work because I have been put in charge!” is an example of what type of power?

  1. Formal
  2. Penalty
  3. Effective
  4. Expert.
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Q4. You have just returned from the weekly change control board meeting at which you presented the requested changes to the employee move project. You had five change requests approved and one request rejected. These are outputs of what process?

  1. Control Quality
  2. Control Scope
  3. Monitor Risks
  4. Perform Integrated Change Control
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Q5. Maintaining good supplier relationships should be important to all project managers. A good buyer-seller relationship is a partnership that results in a win-win situation that nurtures both parties. Which of the following is both a short- and long-term benefit of treating a supplier with courtesy, honesty, and fairness?

  1. There is no need to have formal contracts in place
  2. Delivery of quality products and services at the best price
  3. The buyer can delay the payments without jeopardizing the relationship
  4. The supplier can charge a price higher than the market price
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Q6. As the project manager, you are preparing your methods of quality management. You are looking for a method that can demonstrate the relationship between events and their resulting effects. You want to use a method to depict the events that cause a negative effect on quality. Which of the following is the BEST choice for accomplishing your objective?

  1. Histogram
  2. Pareto chart
  3. Ishikawa diagram
  4. Control chart.
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Q7. A number of teams are developing an enterprise system using the agile approach for product development. Which of the following is a major risk item for such a complex project being performed in an agile environment?

  1. Number of interconnected dependencies between the features developed by different teams.
  2. Number and size of teams developing the larger features.
  3. Scope definition and freezing early during the planning phase.
  4. Emphasis on schedule control over risk management.
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Q8. A RAM diagram shows the relationship between ______________ and _____________ in a tabular format.

  1. Cause and effect
  2. Risks and mitigation plans
  3. Deliverables and costs
  4. Work packages and project team members
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Q9. The WBS represents all product and project work. The total work at the lowest levels should roll up to the higher levels so that nothing is left out and no extra work is performed. This principle is also the:

  1. 100 percent rule
  2. 80/20 rule
  3. Pareto's rule
  4. Ground rule
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Q10. Product verification is different than scope verification in that product verification:

  1. Occurs during the executing process group
  2. Verifies that the correct products have been used
  3. Obtains customer sign-off
  4. Makes sure all work is completed satisfactorily.
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