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There is ‘no smoking’ sign in our library but ______.
  1. I never smoke there
  2. a lot of people ignore it
  3. nobody smokes
  4. everybody must obey this

2. Bicycling in America has been growing at an amazing rate. Bicycles used to be sold to parents for their children. Now those same parents are buying them for themselves, as well as for their children. And grandparents are cycling, too. Moreover, people don’t simply cycle for fun and for the exercise. Many young executives ride bikes to work as an alternative to adding to the pollution of cities, and to fighting traffic jams, while college and high school students find bikes an economical alternative to cars or buses. ----------------- In the passage it is emphasized that, in America _____.

  1. more and more people of all ages are now using bicycles.
  2. few college students can afford to run a car.
  3. no executive feels he can cycle to work.
  4. most parents feel it is dangerous for children to cycle to school.
  5. a great many traffic jams are being caused by cyclists.
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3. I’ll have to ______ now, I’m afraid; there is someone at the door.

  1. hang on
  2. hang up
  3. hang out
  4. hang back
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4. It is very difficult to drive in ______.

  1. rush houred slow-moving traffic
  2. slow moving traffic of rush hour
  3. rush-hour slow moving traffic
  4. slow moving rush hour traffic
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5. I don’t know why their marriage is breaking ______.

  1. through
  2. in
  3. up
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6. We'll put the project on the back burner because

  1. it's a terrible plan
  2. we've already tried it
  3. we're too busy just now
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7. To make someone feel upset or angry is to ______.

  1. jump them
  2. get to them
  3. do them in
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8. If you ……… you work very hard.

  1. work to the winds
  2. work like a new leaf
  3. work your fingers to the bone
  4. work until you are blue and black
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9. Somebody who is foolish or stupid is ………

  1. soft in the head
  2. riding high
  3. over the moon
  4. pushing up daisies
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10. The question didn’t come ______ so I was happy.

  1. up
  2. in
  3. down
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