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While they were on holiday their house was broken ______ and some valuable paintings were stolen.
  1. down
  2. into
  3. about
  4. away

Q2. Neither of these roads ______ to the airport.

  1. go
  2. goes
  3. don’t go
  4. doesn’t go
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Q3. Your cough ______ get better if you don’t stop smoking.

  1. will
  2. would
  3. won’t
  4. didn’t
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Q4. Bicycling in America has been growing at an amazing rate. Bicycles used to be sold to parents for their children. Now those same parents are buying them for themselves, as well as for their children. And grandparents are cycling, too. Moreover, people don’t simply cycle for fun and for the exercise. Many young executives ride bikes to work as an alternative to adding to the pollution of cities, and to fighting traffic jams, while college and high school students find bikes an economical alternative to cars or buses. ----------------- In the passage it is emphasized that, in America _____.

  1. more and more people of all ages are now using bicycles.
  2. few college students can afford to run a car.
  3. no executive feels he can cycle to work.
  4. most parents feel it is dangerous for children to cycle to school.
  5. a great many traffic jams are being caused by cyclists.
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Q5. Would he have passed if he ______ hard ?

  1. studied
  2. had studied
  3. studies
  4. would study
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Q6. To drive off the road into a gasoline station is the same as to ______ into the gas station.

  1. pull
  2. get
  3. let
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Q7. ______, I wouldn’t have told you.

  1. If it was a piece of bad news
  2. If I failed the driving test
  3. If you were dismissed
  4. If I’d known you were going to be upset
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Q8. Marco tried to keep a low profile because he didn't want to be

  1. ignored by the public
  2. bothered by the media
  3. paid by his employer
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Q9. If you hit the sack,

  1. you win the lottery
  2. you give up a sport because you feel you are not good enough
  3. you go to bed because you are very tired
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Q10. Sam couldn't get a word in edgeways because Cindy was

  1. playing music
  2. listening too much
  3. talking too much
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