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My father told me to do my homework. My father said, “______”
  1. You do your homework
  2. You don’t do your homework
  3. I don’t do my homework
  4. Do your homework

Q2. Find the synonym of the following words written in capitals. ***** -Who’s that man you spoke to just now? -I don’t know, he is completely UNFAMILIAR to me.

  1. foreign
  2. strange
  3. unknown
  4. new
  5. for
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Q3. They asked me if I was Turkish. “______?” they asked me.

  1. You are Turkish
  2. Am I Turkish
  3. Are they Turkish
  4. Are you Turkish
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Q4. A zebra crossing is a place for

  1. zebras to cross the road
  2. people to cross the road
  3. cars to run people over
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Q5. She heard a sound ______ brought her heart into her mouth.

  1. what
  2. who
  3. whenever
  4. which
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Q6. If you say that something costs an arm and a leg,

  1. it is extremely cheap
  2. it is not worth the money
  3. it is very expensive
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Q7. The farmer himself came ______ the intruders.

  1. before
  2. along
  3. after
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Q8. You’ll feel a lot better after you ______ a rest.

  1. had
  2. have had
  3. will have
  4. had had
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Q9. Vince knew that if he wanted to get into college, he'd have to (keep his nose to the grindstone) all senior year.

  1. Vince would have to apply for college.
  2. Vince would have to work hard for a whole year.
  3. Vince would have to wait patiently for an opportunity.
  4. Vince would have to stay out of trouble for a whole year.
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Q10. He is fat because he doesn’t take any exercise. If he ______ some exercise, he ______ so fat.

  1. took / won’t be
  2. will take / won’t be
  3. takes / wouldn’t be
  4. took / wouldn’t be
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