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Communication Skills Question Bank
for Exam preparation

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Negotiation strategy is partly concerned with:
  1. avoiding failure
  2. ending the discussion
  3. searching for a common goal
  4. prolonging the length of the negotiation

Q2. The set of norms of behavior and attitude in every workplace is:

  1. self-evolved
  2. nationally laid down
  3. internationally prescribed
  4. dictated by the board
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Q3. Modern business letters are usually written in:

  1. simplified style
  2. full-block style
  3. indented style
  4. semi-block style
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Q4. “Tease” or “stress” questions are intended to judge:

  1. the candidate’s intelligence quotient
  2. the candidate’s technical skill
  3. the candidate’s stress level
  4. how the candidate handles them
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Q5. Generally speaking, in business we communicate:

  1. only to entertain
  2. only to persuade
  3. only to inform
  4. to both persuade and inform
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Q6. The word communication is derived from communis (Latin) which means:

  1. oral speech
  2. community
  3. common
  4. message
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Q7. A limitation of informal communication is that it is:

  1. false
  2. inadequate
  3. unwarranted
  4. personal
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Q8. Initially, a presentation is a form of:

  1. group communication
  2. one-way communication
  3. two-way communication
  4. intrapersonal communication
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Q9. As a sympathetic listener, you should consider the message from the point of view of:

  1. yourself
  2. others
  3. the audience
  4. the speaker
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Q10. People in high-context cultures make business decisions on the basis of:

  1. individual needs
  2. interpersonal relations
  3. reason
  4. competition
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