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Sales Question Bank
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A ______________ is a set of interdependent organizations involved in the process of making a product or service available for use of consumption by the consumer or business user.
  1. retailer
  2. wholesaler
  3. distribution channel
  4. middleman

Q2. Discussions are held with all the ___ of the company during requirements gathering.

  1. Technical staff
  2. Managers
  3. Sales personnel
  4. Stakeholders
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Q3. Many firms use environmental scanning to assess their external environment. Environmental scanning should be used to

  1. Respond to current crises
  2. Identify future threats and opportunities
  3. Determine personnel performance
  4. Allocate financial resources
  5. Assist with service delivery
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Q4. ___ are often factors that a business cannot control.

  1. Process variation
  2. Cost reduction
  3. External forces
  4. Turnover
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Q5. According to ___, CRM is an iterative process that turns customer information into positive customer relations.

  1. Ronald S. Swift
  2. Stanley A. Brown
  3. Chris Todman
  4. Gartner Group
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Q6. Services marketing become difficult because of

  1. Intangibility
  2. no demand
  3. More complex market
  4. Difficult to enter the market
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Q7. Which of the following statements about the sales force in the 21st century is true?

  1. Sales managers will use a hands-off approach and let the professional salesperson be his or her own boss
  2. Transactional exchanges no longer occur
  3. Sales management must be smart and nimble and provide technology-centered solutions to support the sales effort
  4. Salespeople make little use of the Internet because they realize the importance of the personal touch
  5. All of the above statements about the sales force in the 21st century are true
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Q8. Which of the following is NOT the strategy of product mix?

  1. Expansion of Product mix
  2. Contraction of Product mix
  3. Alteration of existing products
  4. Pricing the product
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Q9. The creation of modern marketing is the result of ___

  1. Industrial Revolution
  2. Barter system
  3. Decentralised exchange
  4. Pre-industrial period
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Q10. ___ generations is done after prototyping.

  1. Report
  2. Proposal
  3. Bill
  4. Plan
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