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The 7 costless employee Motivation Techniques

The 7 costless employee Motivation Techniques
As a leader, it is your responsibility to provide the environment that enables your team members to feel challenged and engaged by their work. So let's take a look at things you can do to ensure people feel inspired, these are the seven costless secret employee motivation techniques that work.

1- Get to Know Each Member of Your Team

Nothing motivating employees like getting to know “the boss.” make it one of your priorities to get to know every one of the people on your teams, plan dinners out and other outings for your employees on a regular basis.

2- Stay Visible

just make it a point every morning, to go around and talk to everyone on your team and try to come up with a subject that is personal to them, recognize something they did well the day before, or start up a conversation about one of their customers or products, make sure the conversation ends up with your recognizing something they had done well. This technique works well for everyone.

3- Relieve the Tension

Sometimes when things got pressure-filled (during quarter end for example) you should do something to relieve the stress your team is feeling. It’s your job, stand in the aisles among the cubicles and start singing with your team and laughing at each other, buy a toy and shoot foam rubber bullets down the aisle, do something to break the tension, Humor is one of the most effective employee motivation techniques.

4- Compliment Your Team in Writing

At the end of a milestone of any kind, write an email to your team to congratulate them on the job they have done, don't forget to copy the upper-level executives, your employees will love this.

5- Be a Supportive Boss

Fight for your team and let them know you are fighting for them and they will fighting for you when the going gets tough, If they need new equipment or training, get it for them. support them against any unfair accusation, deal with any problems behind closed doors.

6- Treat Everyone Fairly

Be sure to correct anything that is unfair because it is a killer of employee motivation. If you get the reputation for being fair, your employees will follow you anywhere.

7- Recognize

Never underestimate the power of recognition. This includes verbal and written recognition, as well as awards, these things mean a lot to your team, and you should never ignore, forget or minimize their significance.

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