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Someone might say "each to their own" when they see or hear about something that they think is
  1. completely normal
  2. probably stolen
  3. a bit strange

Q2. I'd better make hay while the sun shines and do some work on my book

  1. while I have a bit of free time
  2. despite having so much else to do
  3. even though I don't feel like writing
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Q3. Many people were ----- during the Salem Witch Trials.

  1. hanged
  2. hung
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Q4. In about forty years’ time we’ll probably ______ on pills.

  1. be living
  2. have been living
  3. have been lived
  4. have lived
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Q5. The best student in each class will ______ a prize at the end of term.

  1. catch
  2. receive
  3. possess
  4. prove
  5. reward
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Q6. There is ‘no smoking’ sign in our library but ______.

  1. I never smoke there
  2. a lot of people ignore it
  3. nobody smokes
  4. everybody must obey this
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Q7. He broke his leg ______ he was skiing.

  1. as soon as
  2. after
  3. when
  4. before
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Q8. To be hit by a car or bus is the same as to be ______ down.

  1. cooled
  2. marked
  3. knocked
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Q9. I don’t know _______ to telephone.

  1. whom did Tom want
  2. why was Tom going
  3. when is Tom
  4. who Tom was going
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Q10. Keep ______ alcohol and don’t smoke.

  1. at
  2. with in
  3. away
  4. off
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