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The project you are working on has received an invoice from a vendor for US$17,500. However, your team believes the correct total due is US$15,300. When you notify the vendor, the vendor still insists on US$17,500. What is the best course of action now?
  1. Pay $15,300
  2. Negotiate with the vendor
  3. File a lawsuit
  4. Pay $17,500

Q2. You recently took over a project as the project manager. This is your first project management assignment. The project sponsor is very supportive and is helping you out in successfully managing the project. Recently, some bad quality deliverables were received on the project, and the project sponsor suggested that you to periodically review the vendor’s progress to deliver project scope and quality, within cost and on schedule, as compared to the contract. Which of the following statements is true in this context?

  1. The sponsor has asked you to carry out regular trend analysis.
  2. The sponsor has asked you something that is not a good project management practice.
  3. The sponsor has asked you to carry out regular procurement performance reviews.
  4. The sponsor is giving you a bigger workload so that you can perform better on the next assignment.
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Q3. During the middle of the project, things have been going well. The work authorization system has allowed people to know when to start work and the issue log has helped keep track of the stakeholders’ needs. The benefit cost ratio has been improving and the sponsor has expressed his appreciation for the team members’ efforts by hosting a milestone party for the team. The project manager gets a call from a team member saying that the results from the completion of their activity’s predecessor is two days late. Which of the following reasons would BEST describe why this occurred?

  1. The project manager was focusing on the sponsor’s needs.
  2. Functional management was not included in the communications management plan.
  3. The successor activities should have been watched, not the predecessors.
  4. The right people were not invited to the milestone party.
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Q4. You are working in a big organization. Due to a change in market conditions your organization needs to raise a small project to accommodate the current change in the organization’s processes. The initiating phase is complete and now you are in the planning phase and developing the project plan. Which of the following project management processes can be omitted for this project?

  1. Perform qualitative risk analysis
  2. Manage quality
  3. Perform quantitative risk analysis
  4. Create WBS
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Q5. The product manager for the product the project is developing notifies the project manager that she has decided the product should be able to be used by an additional market. The BEST thing for the project manager to do would be to:

  1. Immediately notify the project sponsor that there is a project scope change.
  2. Notify the project change control board that the project scope will have to change
  3. Inform the product manager that the potential impacts to the project will be reviewed.
  4. Do nothing, as this is an example of progressive elaboration.
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Q6. All of the questions are common outputs of risk management EXCEPT:

  1. Contract terms and conditions
  2. A risk response plan
  3. Schedule reserves
  4. An approved project management plan.
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Q7. The financial systems project has a relatively high profile in the organization and has received great support from the sponsor. There are over 230 activities on the project, and a few have remained relatively large due to the nature of the work to be accomplished. One of these larger activities has an estimate to complete (ETC) that is longer than planned. If the project manager wants to look at non-value-added activities that might be causing the delay, the manager should:

  1. Measure using quality metrics
  2. Complete process analysis
  3. Perform a quality audit
  4. Use a Pareto chart
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Q8. Which of the following is the BEST thing to do when a project activity will take longer than planned and the project can no longer be completed on time?

  1. Compress the schedule
  2. Ask for an extension of time
  3. Negotiate for more resources
  4. Work overtime to make up the time
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Q9. A project has experienced significant delays due to equipment problems, staff attrition, and slow client reviews. The project is 40 percent complete and has used 60 percent of the available calendar time. What is the FIRST thing you should do?

  1. Rebaseline the schedule to reflect the new date
  2. Analyze the critical path activities for potential to fast track or crash the schedule
  3. Document the lack of progress and associated issues to management
  4. Identify activities that required more time than planned 49
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Q10. During risk planning, a team member comes to you and informs you about a risk. This risk was not important; therefore, you tell him to just note down the risk and you will manage this risk if it occurs. What risk response strategy you are using here?

  1. Mitigate
  2. Accept
  3. Avoid
  4. Exploit
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