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The audit method chosen for a particular audit depends on ____________
  1. Audit objectives
  2. Audit scope
  3. Audit criteria
  4. All of the above

Q2. According to ISO 14001: 5.2 ensuring that the resources needed for the environmental management system are available; is the responsibility of:

  1. QHSE Manager.
  2. Top Management.
  3. Management representative.
  4. All employees.
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Q3. Internal and external issues are discussed in which clauses?

  1. Clause 4.1
  2. Clause 6.1
  3. Clause 5.1
  4. Clause 7.1
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Q4. Modifying a design is an example ___________

  1. Substitution
  2. Elimination
  3. Engineering control
  4. Administrative control
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Q5. According to ISO 14001: 4.2 the organization should determine which of the following:

  1. The material that affect the environment system.
  2. The processes that yield pollutants.
  3. The interested parties that are relevant to the environmental management system.
  4. All the above.
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Q6. The acronym “PASS” used for fire extinguisher operation stands for:

  1. Pick up, Aim, Squeeze, Squirt
  2. Push, Alarm, Swirl, Sweep
  3. Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep
  4. Pull, Aim, Swirl, Swat
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Q7. Workers' participation and consultation in OSH activities are addressed in what clause?

  1. Clause 7.4
  2. Clause 6.2
  3. Clause 5.4
  4. Clause 4.4
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Q8. When creating and updating documented information the organization shall include:

  1. Page numbers
  2. Suitability and adequacy
  3. Font
  4. Standards used
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Q9. When the audit evidence suggest that the audit objectives are unattainable the audit team leader should report the reason to _________

  1. Audit client
  2. Audit client and auditee
  3. Audit program leader and auditee
  4. Audit management
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Q10. Failure to address the needs and expectations of relevant interested parties is a risk to ___________

  1. Worker’s Representative
  2. Management system
  3. Surveillance audit
  4. Occupational Health and Surveillance Program
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