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P-D-C-A stands for
  1. Plan-Do-Correct-Act
  2. Plan-Do-Check-Act
  3. Proceed-Do-Check-Act

Q2. Any evidence collected during the course of the onsite audit that suggest an immediate and significant risk should be reported without delay to _________

  1. Auditee
  2. Audit client
  3. Audit management
  4. Global Safety Lead
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Q3. According to ISO 14001: 4.2 the organization should determine which of the following:

  1. The material that affect the environment system.
  2. The processes that yield pollutants.
  3. The interested parties that are relevant to the environmental management system.
  4. All the above.
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Q4. The term ‘Hypoglycaemia’ means?

  1. Blood which does not clot
  2. High sugar levels in the blood
  3. Low sugar levels in the blood
  4. Blood which clots to quickly
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Q5. Which of the following is not a component of blood?

  1. Platelets
  2. Plasma
  3. Ectoplasm
  4. White cells
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Q6. A child has fallen and banged their head should you?

  1. Apply Dettol
  2. Kiss it better
  3. Tell them to be more careful next time
  4. Monitor for signs of concussion and seek medical advice it at all worried
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Q7. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration requires employers to have Hearing Conservation Plans if the average 8-hour noise exposure is more than:

  1. 1000 decibels
  2. 500 deceibles
  3. 105 decibels
  4. 85 decibels
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Q8. If you are driving a forklift and it begins to tip over, you should

  1. Jump out immediately
  2. Stay in the vehicle with your seatbelt unfastened
  3. Stay in the vehicle with your seatbelt fastened
  4. Stand up with a tight grip on the steering wheel
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Q9. A safe plant is the one in which

  1. Integrity is established at the design stage
  2. Technical integrity is maintained throughout the life cycle of the asset
  3. Operating integrity is maintained all the time
  4. All of the above
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Q10. Which of the following is not a chemical-related health hazard?

  1. Carcinogenicity
  2. Reactivity
  3. Corrosivity
  4. Toxicity
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