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Project Management Question Bank

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You have been hired as a consultant for a project that is in trouble. You meet the project manager and ask several questions regarding the project budget, the project end date, etc. The project manager was not able to answer some of these questions properly, so you decided to verify them yourself. What document will you refer to in order to verify such facts?
  1. Project management plan
  2. Cost and schedule baselines
  3. Project charter
  4. Performance report

Q2. In order to facilitate project configuration and change management on complex projects, a project manager relies on configuration and change management tools. Such tools:

  1. Can be manual or automatic; the selection depends on the project’s environment and requirements.
  2. Must be manual; a complex project requires all change requests to be manually signed.
  3. Must be automatic; a complex project requires complex change control procedures.
  4. Change control must be manual, but the configuration control may be automatic.
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Q3. Which of the following aspects of planning is concerned with decomposing the work of a project into manageable chunks?

  1. Scope
  2. Schedule
  3. Cost
  4. Quality 6
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Q4. You are working in an organization where the work group arrangement is flexible, team members work side by side, and you have little authority. What type of organizational structure is this?

  1. PMO
  2. Functional
  3. Weak Matrix
  4. Organic
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Q5. The project manager is in the process of staffing the project. Available resources are as following: Mary always works overtime. Whitney works very hard. Laure meets the project requirements. Jess is very enthusiastic about the project and will work overtime if necessary. Who is the MOST appropriate resource for this project?

  1. Mary
  2. Whitney
  3. Laurie
  4. Jess
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Q6. Each critical project communication requirement must be carefully analyzed. One good way is to use a communication model to design effective communications. What is the sequence of steps in a basic communication model?

  1. Encode -> Decode -> Transmit -> Acknowledge -> Feedback
  2. Encode -> Transmit -> Decode -> Acknowledge -> Feedback
  3. Decode -> Encode -> Transmit -> Acknowledge -> Feedback
  4. Encode -> Transmit -> Decode -> Feedback -> Acknowledge
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Q7. Mary is managing an organizational transformation project. The nature of the project would require responding to high levels of change and would also require continuous stakeholder engagement. Which of the project lifecycles should be chosen for this project?

  1. Predictive life cycle
  2. Plan-driven life cycle
  3. Waterfall life cycle
  4. Adaptive life cycle
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Q8. The project is NOT completed until:

  1. The project scope is completed, administrative closure is completed, and payment is received.
  2. Formal acceptance is received, and any other requirements for project closure as stated in the contract are met
  3. The customer is satisfied and final payment is received
  4. Lessons learned are completed
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Q9. Which of the following is an output of the collect requirements process?

  1. Scope management plan
  2. Requirements management plan
  3. Requirements risk breakdown
  4. Requirements traceability matrix 7
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Q10. James has been managing a hotel construction project on a busy street. He is in the process of estimating activity durations for building walls, and he calculates the most likely estimate as 15 days. If prefabricated material is used, it would take no more than 12 days to finish the work. The work may be delayed and could take up to 18 days if less experienced construction workers build the walls. What is the expected duration of building walls using the three-point estimate?

  1. 12 days
  2. 11 days
  3. 16 days
  4. 15 days
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