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While collecting work performance data, one of your team members has a misunderstanding about the description of work of several activities, their cost estimates, and the resources required by them. She comes to you and explains the situation. To answer her questions, what document will you ask her to refer to?
  1. Scope baseline
  2. Cost baseline
  3. WBS dictionary
  4. Project schedule

2. The role of the project manager relating to integration is MOST appropriately described as:

  1. Ensuring that the stakeholders’ role is integrated with the rest of the team.
  2. Ensuring that management’s role is integrated into the everyday workings of the project.
  3. Ensuring that the various project elements are properly coordinated
  4. Ensuring that team members work together.
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3. While completing the Plan Resource process on your project, you visited the functional manger of engineering many times, but she refused to supply resources for the project. First, the excuse was that her department was too busy; next, the department was undergoing reorganization. This is causing your project to slip the schedule. Which of the following is the MOST probable reason for her lack of support?

  1. The priority of the project has increased
  2. The project does not have a project charter and the functional manager was not involved in approving the project management plan
  3. The project schedule network diagram was not time-phased.
  4. The WBS did not include all resources needed on the project.
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4. A software team tracing the root cause of an application failure can use this to help determine the cause(s) of the failure:

  1. Ishikawa diagram
  2. Rummler-Brache swim lane diagram
  3. Threading analysis
  4. Deming chart
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5. The agile technique of on-demand scheduling is not suitable when:

  1. Product deliverables can be incrementally developed.
  2. Project requirements can be decomposed into smaller chunks that are relatively similar in size and scope.
  3. Project tasks can be bundled by size and scope.
  4. The use of a predictive lifecycle is mandated by the customer.
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6. A project manager gathered data to perform earned value calculations on his project. He used the results to report to management that the project is under budget and on schedule. After reporting this information, he discovered that the base figures he used in the calculations were incorrect, as they came from an old copy o the project line which had not been updated. What should he do now?

  1. He should contact management to make them aware of the error, give the correct information, and explain how he made the mistake
  2. He should contact management and tell them to expect some changes in the next reporting period, and that things are starting to look gloomy
  3. He should use the correct figures to calculate the information when it is time for the next report and ignore the fact the he reported incorrect information.
  4. He should tell management that the data he received from team members was incorrect and thus the report was not accurate.
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7. You are the project manager for Commodities, Inc. You are involved in a new project to create an internal website for the employees that will allow them to view events within the company. All of the following options listed are project constraints except:

  1. The project must be completed by December 31 of the current year.
  2. There is a budget of $75,000 for the project.
  3. The navigation menu for the website must be on the top of the page.
  4. Only three employees are available to work on the project.
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8. Your employee is three days late with a report. She walks into a meeting where the report is to be discussed and hands you a copy five minutes before the topic is to be discussed. You noticed some serous errors in the report. How could this have been prevented?

  1. Require periodic updates from the employee.
  2. Coach and mentor the employee.
  3. Make sure the employee was competent to do the work.
  4. Cancel the meeting earlier because you did not have a chance to review the reports.
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9. An estimate at completion (EAC) is an output of which of the following?

  1. Control Costs
  2. Project performance review
  3. Variance management
  4. Performance measurement analysis
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10. A project manager on a multinational Web site implementation project is at a part and talks to friends who will be heavy users of this new Web site when the project is complete and the site is rolled out. They describe some annoying aspects of the current Web site. The project manager takes this feedback back to the sponsor, and encourages design and scope changes. Which of the following BEST describes what the project manager has done?

  1. Verify scope.
  2. Integrated change control
  3. Scope planning
  4. Stakeholder analysis
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