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Project Management Question Bank
for Exam preparation

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Interpersonal skills are important for a project manager as they help him or her to manage stakeholders properly. Which of the following is not an interpersonal skill?
  1. Communication style assessment
  2. Political awareness
  3. Work environment
  4. Cultural awareness

Q2. What is the decomposition process used to develop?

  1. Work breakdown structure
  2. Earned value
  3. Project management plan
  4. Communications management plan
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Q3. As a project manager, you are in the process of preparing the project schedule for the project. Which of the following accurately depicts the sequence of your activities before you began to prepare the project schedule?

  1. Sequence Activities, Estimate Activity Durations, Develop Schedule
  2. Sequence Activities, Estimate Activity Durations, Define Activities
  3. Estimate Activity Durations, Sequence Activities, Develop Schedule
  4. Define Activities, Estimate Activity Durations, Sequence Activities
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Q4. Your project team is located in different locations. Your schedule is delayed and you’re facing many issues. Which of the following is the best solution to this problem?

  1. Give training to team members
  2. Warn them to improve performance
  3. Co-locate them
  4. Review the project management plan
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Q5. The halo effect refers to the tendency to:

  1. Promote from within
  2. Hire the best
  3. Move people into project management because they are good in their technical fields
  4. Move people into project management because they have had project management training.
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Q6. You are building a dam for a state government. Your organization is considered a specialist in dam design and overall management of construction activities. However, your organization lacks resources to execute the earth-works involved. You have subcontracted all the project’s earth-works to a local subcontractor. The quality of the subcontractor’s work is acceptable, but the subcontractor is not conforming to your organization’s health and safety standards. You escalated this to the subcontractor’s project manager, but he turned down your request. The subcontractor’s project manager is of the view that the request is out of the contract’s scope and none of the contract provisions require him to conform to your organization’s standards. You are agitated since you believe health and safety standards are globally accepted, and the contract does not have to explicitly state them. Further, according to the state law, you cannot terminate the contract since the subcontractor has not vio

  1. Go for judicial arbitration as stated in the contact’s ADR provisions
  2. Terminate the contract immediately since you will not compromise health and safety standards
  3. Withhold the subcontractor’s payments to force compliance
  4. Negotiate a contact amendment with the subcontractor requiring compliance to the standards
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Q7. Probabilistic analysis o the project and probability of achieving the project cost are completed during:

  1. Identify Risks
  2. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  3. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
  4. Plan Risk Responses.
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Q8. Lucy is currently preparing a high-level cost estimate for her project in the initiation phase. With the limited detail available to her, what would you expect the range of her estimate to be, and what would you call such an estimate?

  1. -25 to +25%, Absolute Cost
  2. -5 to +10%, Narrow
  3. -1 to +1%, Definitive
  4. -25 to +75%, Rough Order of Magnitude
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Q9. A ______ is a collection of projects or programs grouped together for strategic business needs.

  1. Portfolio
  2. Management System
  3. Enterprise
  4. Array
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Q10. Which of the following statements is correct:

  1. Project lifecycles and product lifecycles are interdependent.
  2. Project lifecycles are independent of product lifecycles.
  3. A product lifecycle is the same as a project lifecycle.
  4. The last lifecycle for a project is generally the product's retirement.
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