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It is likely that by the time you ______ to the shop it______ shut.
  1. will get / will be
  2. got / will be
  3. would get / will
  4. get / will be

Q2. The law requires that all cars _______ regularly tested for safety and efficiency.

  1. should be
  2. to be
  3. were to be
  4. have to be
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Q3. After going to the zoo, the mall, and the movies, Cassie was sick of (bending over backwards) to entertain her nieces.

  1. Cassie was doing very little to entertain her nieces
  2. Cassie was making small efforts to entertain her nieces
  3. Cassie was trying very hard to entertain her nieces.
  4. Cassie was not trying at all to entertain her nieces.
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Q4. He made a swift ______ from his illness.

  1. repair
  2. survival
  3. relief
  4. recovery
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Q5. Neither of the footballers ______ well.

  1. played
  2. play
  3. didn’t play
  4. do play
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Q6. If you say to someone "You're so full of yourself!" they'll probably feel

  1. proud
  2. upset
  3. pleased
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Q7. There are about 980 flying mammals referred to as bats. They are the only real flying mammals on Earth. Most bats feed on a diet of insects. Some feed on flowers and fruits, but the most interesting are the vampire bats of the Americas, which suck the blood of large birds and other mammals. Unfortunately, these vampire bats are capable of transmitting rabies and are for this reason considered dangerous. The other types of bats are of no danger to man and are even considered helpers of nature by way of their diet which helps control the insect population in various areas of the world. Although the misunderstood bat has represented fear and terror in the west, it is seen as a sign of good luck and long life in the east. ------------ The majority of the bat population _____.

  1. are vampires.
  2. transmit many illnesses.
  3. feed on a diet of insects.
  4. are dangerous to man.
  5. live in the Americas.
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Q8. Find the synonym of the following words written in capitals. ***** There was something CRUEL in his voice.

  1. strange
  2. severe
  3. funny
  4. fresh
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Q9. Simon was given the cold ……… by the other teachers after informing the newspapers about widespread corruption at the college.

  1. chin
  2. shoulder
  3. neck
  4. back
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Q10. Sumo wrestling is an extremely popular sport in Japan. The Sumo champions are extremely large men who are not only tall but also weigh 130 kilograms or more. The reason that these wrestlers are so big is that the object of the game is for one wrestler to either throw his opponent out of the ring or to force him to the ground. The larger a wrestler is, the greater his chances of winning a fight. These matches are usually very short, most lasting less than one minute. ----------- Sumo wrestlers are extremely large _____.

  1. because they must use their bodies against their opponents.
  2. because this is a Japanese sport.
  3. due to their great strength.
  4. so that they can object to their opponents.
  5. to force the ring to wrestle with him.
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