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I ______ to see you tomorrow, but now I find I can’t.
  1. will come
  2. come
  3. was coming
  4. am coming

Q2. Our maths teacher ______ us a lot of homework last week but he ______ us very much so far this week.

  1. would give / didn’t give
  2. had given / didn’t give
  3. gave / didn’t given
  4. gave / hasn’t given
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Q3. Find the synonym of the following words written in capitals. ***** The achievements of science and technology of recent years have influenced the CAREERS of many people.

  1. marketing
  2. trading
  3. professions
  4. hands
  5. works
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Q4. There is no bread left because we ______ it all.

  1. have eaten
  2. has been eaten
  3. had eaten
  4. have been eaten
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Q5. Which of these plans would be a pipe dream for most people?

  1. travelling to your country's capital city
  2. playing football for Manchester United
  3. watching the Olympic Games on television
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Q6. My wife ______ a squirrel on her way to work this morning.

  1. ran over
  2. ran up
  3. ran out of
  4. ran off
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Q7. “Why don’t we go out for dinner?” His wife suggested that _______.

  1. they would go out for dinner
  2. they should go out for dinner
  3. we will go out for dinner
  4. we’d like to go out for dinner
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Q8. During this year we ______ many advances in computer science.

  1. had seen
  2. have seen
  3. saw
  4. are seeing
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Q9. The Skwierzyna football team never win. So I wouldn't put my ……… on them if I were you. You'll only lose it!

  1. shoes
  2. shirt
  3. jacket
  4. hat
Correct Answer

Q10. By 5.30 this afternoon, Tom ______ at work for eight hours.

  1. had been
  2. would have been
  3. will have been
  4. has been
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