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You have been hired by ABC Inc. and appointed as a project manager for their new project. The project charter has been signed and currently you are busy with preparing a detailed description of your project and the product. The description is in detail, the final requirements are identified, the product boundaries are defined, and you have outlined what is included and what is excluded. Once you complete this process, which of the following documents will you not update next?
  1. Issue log
  2. Stakeholder register
  3. Requirements documentations
  4. Requirement traceability matrix

2. What is the process of random selection and inspection of a work product?

  1. Control Charting
  2. Flow Charting
  3. Statistical Sampling
  4. Benchmarking
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3. A project manager is estimating project costs and needs to decide whether the estimates will include direct costs only or include indirect costs, as well. In which of the following phases does this decision need to take place?

  1. Define Scope
  2. Estimate Costs
  3. Plan Expenses
  4. Determine Budget
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4. You have a project with four activities as follows: Activity 1 can start immediately and has an estimated duration of one. Activity 2 can start after activity 1 is completed and has an estimated duration of four. Activity 3 can start after activity 2 is completed and has an estimated duration of five. Activity 4 can start after activity 1 is completed and must be completed when activity 3 is completed. The estimate for activity 4 is 10. What is the SHORTEST amount of time in which the project can be completed?

  1. 10
  2. 9
  3. 18
  4. 11
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5. Which of the following does NOT assess the value a project brings to an organization?

  1. Benefit cost analysis
  2. Net present value
  3. Value analysis
  4. Needs assessment
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6. A project manager says to a team member, “If you cannot complete this activity according to the quality standards you set in place, I will remove you from the team that is going Venezuela for the milestone party with the customer.” What form of power is the project manager using?

  1. Reward power
  2. Formal power
  3. Penalty power
  4. Referent power
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7. All of the following are parts of the team’s stakeholder management effort EXCEPT:

  1. Determining stakeholders’ needs.
  2. Identifying stakeholders.
  3. Giving stakeholders extras.
  4. Managing stakeholders’ expectations.
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8. The testing results for a new computer modulation project indicate a problem with the on-board computer’s sensors. The project manager calls a meeting with the team to analyze the problem. The project manager is involved in:

  1. Quality management
  2. Manage Quality
  3. Plan Quality
  4. Perform Quality Control.
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9. According to your project network diagram, the critical path for the project is six weeks. One week into the project, the manager of the project management office informs you that the executive steering committee has moved the project’s finish date to two weeks sooner than your published finish date. Assuming you are on schedule, what is the project float?

  1. Two weeks
  2. Four weeks
  3. Minus four weeks
  4. Minus two weeks 50
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10. Which list includes a process where recommended corrective action is NOT an output?

  1. Control Quality, Control Costs, Report Performance
  2. Control Costs, Manage Quality, Direct and Manage Project Work
  3. Control Scope, Distribute Information, Control Risks
  4. Monitor and Control Project Work, Manage Stakeholder Expectations, Manage Quality.
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