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You have recently joined an ongoing project and you just had a meeting with the project sponsor and other important members. Since you are new to the project, how will you know their views about the project?
  1. You will ask team members about it
  2. You will arrange a party and invite them
  3. You will try to meet them again
  4. You will look into the Stakeholder Register

2. The Identify Risks process involves determining which risks may impact a project. It is considered an iterative process. What is the frequency of the iteration?

  1. Every month
  2. Every two weeks
  3. The frequency of iteration will vary based on the situation
  4. Every week
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3. Which process is MOST responsible for managing changes to the schedule components of the Project Management Plan?

  1. Control Schedule
  2. Create WBS
  3. Develop Project Management Plan
  4. Develop Schedule
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4. Outputs of the Plan Risk Responses process include:

  1. Residual risks, fallback plans, and contingency reserves
  2. Risk triggers, contracts, and a risk list
  3. Secondary risks, process updates, and risk owners
  4. Contingency plans, project management plan updates, and change requests.
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5. To control the schedule, a project manager is reanalyzing the project to predict project duration. This is done by analyzing the sequence of activities with the least amount of flexibility. What technique is being used?

  1. Leads and lags
  2. Work Breakdown Structure
  3. Flowchart
  4. Critical Path Method
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6. Linear programming is an example of what type of project selection criteria?

  1. Constrained optimization
  2. Comparative approach
  3. Benefit measurement
  4. Impact analysis
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7. You are a project manager for Groceries ’R’ Us, a supermarket chain, and are currently working on a project to build a new outlet. The planned values (PV) for the foundation and the frame were $150,000 and $500,000. After five months, you do a performance measurement analysis. You are currently not ahead of schedule. The actual costs for the foundation and frame were $175,000 and $650,000. At this point, 100 percent of the foundation is complete, and only 80 percent of the frame is complete. Which value represents the cost performance index (CPI) to two decimal places at this point in the project?

  1. 0.84
  2. 1.5
  3. 0.67
  4. 1.19
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8. A Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS) breaks down the project by type of resources. The RBS is an example of a:

  1. Linear chart
  2. Matrix chart
  3. Flow chart
  4. Hierarchical chart
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9. Which of the following is NOT an output of the Manage Stakeholders process?

  1. Approved corrective actions
  2. Deliverables
  3. Updates to the project management plan
  4. Organizational process asset updates 46
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10. During project planning, you estimate the time needed for each activity and then add the estimates to create the project estimate. You commit to completing the project by this date. What is wrong with this scenario?

  1. The team did not create the estimate and estimating takes too long using that method
  2. The team did not create the estimate and a network diagram was not used.
  3. The estimate is too long and should be created by management
  4. The project estimate should be the same as the customer’s required completion date
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