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You are over budget and it is impossible to complete the project with the given budget. Therefore, you raise the change request which management approves. After the change request is approved, you update the cost baseline and update other project documents. The document used to register any changes which occur during the project execution is known as:
  1. Risk register
  2. Issue log
  3. Change log
  4. RACI matrix

2. Which of the following would be the BEST project to select?

  1. A project that will take six years to complete and has an NPV of $45,000
  2. A project that will take three years to complete and has an NPV of $85,000
  3. A project that will take eight years to complete and has an NPV of $30,000
  4. A project that will take 10 years to complete and has an NPV of $60,000
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3. A project consists of multiple phases. Which of the following is a valid statement and applies to each phase of the project?

  1. Each phase is generally concluded with a review of the work accomplished but is only closed if the next phase has already started.
  2. Each phase of the project is considered complete when the project sponsor signs off on that phase of the project.
  3. Each phase of the project is generally concluded with a review of the work accomplished and deliverables to determine acceptance and whether the phase should be considered closed.
  4. Each phase is generally concluded with a review of the work accomplished. A phase is never considered complete until the end of the project when the entire project is complete.
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4. You are constructing a school building and due to some unforeseen incidents, your project is delayed. To bring the project on schedule, you are thinking about running several activities in parallel which were earlier planned to run sequentially. So, you started reviewing activities such as excavation of foundation, building walls, carpentry work, electrical work, and plumbing work, etc. After the review, you decide to run the carpentry, electrical, and plumbing works together. Excavating the foundation for the construction of a wall is an example of which of the following?

  1. Mandatory dependency
  2. Discretionary dependency
  3. External dependency
  4. Internal dependency
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5. In order to keep costs low, a project management team decided to apply statistical sampling while inspecting some of the work products. They decided to select 10 out of 50 engineering drawings for inspection. During which process should the sample be collected?

  1. Collect Requirements
  2. Control Quality
  3. Plan Quality Management
  4. Manage Quality
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6. In a software development project, you are having joint application development (JAD) sessions to collect product requirements from stakeholders. Which of the following mandatory standards in the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is met by having JAD sessions while gathering requirements?

  1. Honesty
  2. Fairness
  3. Responsibility
  4. Respect
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7. A definitive estimate is:

  1. A level of estimating that can be achieved without a team’s help.
  2. Created during the initiating process group.
  3. Within a range of -10 percent to +25 percent of actual.
  4. The most expensive to create.
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8. You are building a dam for a state government. Your organization is considered a specialist in dam design and overall management of construction activities. However, your organization lacks resources to execute the earth-works involved. You have subcontracted all the project’s earth-works to a local subcontractor. The quality of the subcontractor’s work is acceptable, but the subcontractor is not conforming to your organization’s health and safety standards. You escalated this to the subcontractor’s project manager, but he turned down your request. The subcontractor’s project manager is of the view that the request is out of the contract’s scope and none of the contract provisions require him to conform to your organization’s standards. You are agitated since you believe health and safety standards are globally accepted, and the contract does not have to explicitly state them. Further, according to the state law, you cannot terminate the contract since the subcontractor has not vio

  1. Go for judicial arbitration as stated in the contact’s ADR provisions
  2. Terminate the contract immediately since you will not compromise health and safety standards
  3. Withhold the subcontractor’s payments to force compliance
  4. Negotiate a contact amendment with the subcontractor requiring compliance to the standards
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9. You are in the middle of executing a major modification to an existing product when you learn that the resources promised at the beginning of the project are not available. The BEST thing to do is to:

  1. Show how the resources were originally promised to your project.
  2. Re-plan the project without the resources
  3. Explain the impact if the promised resources are not made available
  4. Crash the project
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10. Design of experiments:

  1. Identifies which variables have the most influence on a quality outcome
  2. Identifies which variables have the least influence on a quality outcome
  3. Determines what a quality outcome is
  4. Determines the methods to be used for research and development.
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