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Project Management Question Bank
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Because of the huge size of your project, you have divided it into several phases. After completing each phase, you hand it over to the client and then move on to the next phase. Which process ensures that the previous phase has met all of its requirements so you can move on to the next phase?
  1. Close procurement
  2. Validate scope
  3. Control scope
  4. Control quality

Q2. Determining the physical resources, quantities of each, and when they would be used is the process of:

  1. Resource selection
  2. Estimate Activity Resources
  3. Resource leveling
  4. Define Activities
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Q3. You are working in an organization where the work group arrangement is flexible, team members work side by side, and you have little authority. What type of organizational structure is this?

  1. PMO
  2. Functional
  3. Weak Matrix
  4. Organic
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Q4. Which of the following techniques focuses on identifying non-value-added activities in a project?

  1. Pareto charting
  2. Process analysis
  3. Root cause analysis
  4. Affinity diagrams
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Q5. Henry is the project manager for a process improvement project. Henry is a recently hired Six Sigma expert. David is the process owner of the process Henry must optimize. During the project kick-start meeting with the project sponsor, David said he supports all continuous improvement efforts. However, David is unaware of the Six Sigma technique and feels threatened by the newly hired expert, and as a result, is blocking Henry’s ideas. What is David’s current engagement level with the project?

  1. Unaware
  2. Supportive
  3. Resistant
  4. Neutral
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Q6. Which of the following is not a tool or technique of the Control Procurements process?

  1. Expert judgment
  2. Advertising
  3. Claims administration
  4. Inspection
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Q7. Benefit measurement and constrained optimization are examples of:

  1. Benefit cost ratios
  2. Variable costs
  3. Types of depreciation
  4. Project selection methods
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Q8. The new software installation project is in progress. The project manager is working with the quality assurance department to improve everyone’s confidence that the project will satisfy the quality standards. Which of the following MUST they have before they start this process?

  1. Quality problems.
  2. Quality improvement
  3. Quality control measurements
  4. Rework
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Q9. A software system was accepted by the customer, but has found to give unexpected results. Which of the following BEST describes what the project manager should do FIRST?

  1. Review the customer’s inspection process
  2. Change the activity sequencing
  3. Apologize to the customer
  4. Review the Validate Scope process.
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Q10. While reading a magazine article, you discover that there is a tool of project management that other companies are using, but that your company has never heard of. What should you do?

  1. Copy the article and pass it around your company
  2. Talk to your colleagues and see if they know about it.
  3. Arrange a meeting with your manager to discuss it
  4. Summarize your opinion of the benefits of using this information in your company. Present your analysis to your manager
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