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He ______ a cold for the last three days.
  1. is fighting off
  2. will have fought off
  3. has been fighting off
  4. was fighting off

Q2. If you got somewhere safe and sound, you got there

  1. because it was easy to get there
  2. even though you got hurt on the way
  3. even though there was some danger on the way
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Q3. By the way, I’ve just heard that Sally and Chris have ______ their engagement.

  1. broken into
  2. broken down
  3. broken away
  4. broken up
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Q4. They always give the available seats to ______ comes first.

  1. whoever
  2. whom
  3. whichever
  4. whomever
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Q5. It was obvious that many people had greased the chief of police's palm because he had

  1. become very poor
  2. become very rich
  3. become very greasy
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Q6. When I heard the poem, some of the lines rang a bell and

  1. some of them beat a drum
  2. sounded very beautiful
  3. I thought I'd heard it somewhere before
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Q7. The burglar broke ______ the house and stole all their money and jewelry.

  1. away
  2. into
  3. forth
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Q8. Find the synonym of the following words written in capitals. ***** Somebody TAPPED ON the door at night.

  1. knocked at
  2. closed
  3. looked through
  4. came up
  5. took care of
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Q9. My Uncle Jed lives in a little old cabin in the back of beyond, right near

  1. a subway station
  2. a baseball stadium
  3. a mountain range
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Q10. Find the synonym of the following words written in capitals. ***** Puppies lived in a DOG-HOUSE.

  1. kennel
  2. barn
  3. cave
  4. box
  5. garage
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