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Project Management Question Bank
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You are in the process of planning human resources and developing the roles and responsibilities for your team members. Which of the following will you not address during this process?
  1. Role
  2. Authority
  3. Training
  4. Competency

Q2. You are a new project manager who has never managed a project before. You have been asked to plan a new project. It would be BEST in this situation to rely on ______ during planning to improve your chance of success.

  1. Your intuition and training
  2. Stakeholder analysis
  3. Historical information
  4. Configuration management
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Q3. The project deadline is the end of the year. The project consists of two activities. Activity A has a duration of two months and activity B has a duration of three months. Activities A and B can be performed concurrently. The start date for the project is set for the beginning of July. What is the MAXIMUM duration of the project?

  1. Two months
  2. Three months
  3. Five months
  4. Six months 45
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Q4. Anthony is currently managing a bridge construction project. The project is in the execution phase. During the planning phase of the project, Anthony developed a comprehensive stakeholder engagement plan for the project. However, the frequency of plan review has not yet been defined. How often should Anthony review the stakeholder engagement plan?

  1. On a monthly basis
  2. The stakeholder engagement plan cannot be reviewed during the execution of the project.
  3. On a weekly basis
  4. On a regular basis; Anthony needs to decide the frequency.
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Q5. There is a serious defect in the finished product of a project that was completed a few months ago, resulting in a recall campaign to recall the defective products. What would be the best classification for these types of costs?

  1. To complete performance index (TCP)
  2. Cost variance
  3. Cost of conformance
  4. Cost of nonconformance
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Q6. During the executing process group of the project, you realize the subcontractors are working with incomplete and different project scope statements. As the project manager, what should you do FIRST?

  1. Check the work completed against the correct project scope statement.
  2. Review the scope with the stakeholders.
  3. Document the inconsistencies to the sponsor, calculating the cost of non-conformance.
  4. Stop work until the scope issue is resolved.
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Q7. Another project has had a major defect, and the project manager has gotten the project team and the process engineers involved in analyzing how this might affect their project. Which of the following would BEST describe what the group is involved in?

  1. Quality Analysis
  2. Plan Quality
  3. Manage Quality
  4. Perform Quality Control.
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Q8. All of the following are always part of the Close Project or Phase process EXCEPT:

  1. Completing the lessons learned
  2. Performing closure of the outside contract
  3. Updating the archives
  4. Releasing the team.
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Q9. If you had an experience with a particularly well or poorly performing vendor, what is the correct way to document this experience for future projects?

  1. Call the vendor and talk to them about the experience
  2. Tell all your friends about it
  3. Create a seller performance evaluation
  4. Vow to only work with that vendor from now on
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Q10. During project executing, an accepted risk occurs, and is handled. However, the project manager notes that the impact was greater than was anticipated. The BEST thing to do would be to:

  1. Notify the sponsor
  2. Create a workaround
  3. Perform additional risk response planning
  4. Revisit the Quantitative Risk Analysis process.
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