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Since the day he ______ ill he ______ a lot of reading.
  1. was / had done
  2. is / has done
  3. was / has done
  4. is / has been done

2. If you ……… you work very hard.

  1. work to the winds
  2. work like a new leaf
  3. work your fingers to the bone
  4. work until you are blue and black
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3. Find the synonym of the following word. ***** Important

  1. complex
  2. secondary
  3. detailed
  4. significant
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4. A: Did Arsenal beat Galatasaray in the final? B: ______.

  1. Yes, Arsenal was beaten by Galatasaray in the final.
  2. Yes, Galatasaray beat Arsenal in the final.
  3. No, Galatasaray was beaten by Arsenal
  4. No, Arsenal was beaten by Galatasaray in the final.
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5. It was obvious that many people had greased the chief of police's palm because he had

  1. become very poor
  2. become very rich
  3. become very greasy
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6. He broke his leg ______ he was skiing.

  1. as soon as
  2. after
  3. when
  4. before
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7. After years of war, the whole nation wanted to make ________ with their enemies.

  1. piece
  2. peace
  3. pace
  4. pact
  5. peas
Correct Answer

8. Trains that are late really …

  1. wind me up
  2. wind down
  3. blow up
  4. blow me down
Correct Answer

9. This was the first time Mary was going to fly. It wasn’t going to be a long flight; in fact, she would be in the air just under an hour. She got to the airport an hour before the plane was expected to take off. She was very excited and also a little nervous. But before long, it was announced that her flight was going to be delayed for two hours. Suddenly she felt very disappointed and didn’t know what to do while she was waiting. -------------- Mary’s flight _____.

  1. left an hour early.
  2. was delayed for two hours.
  3. suddenly had to be cancelled.
  4. was enjoyable from the beginning to the end.
  5. was over far too quickly.
Correct Answer

10. Mr Jones gave us ……… about losing our match against Gorzow.

  1. cane
  2. rod
  3. stick
  4. log
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