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Project Management Question Bank
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Your organization gets a new project and wants you to assign the project manager for this project. As management is busy with other activities, they ask you to develop the project charter so the project can get started. To develop the project charter, which of the following is not needed?
  1. Strategic plan
  2. Business case
  3. Agreements
  4. Project plan

Q2. All of the following are part of the Perform Quality Control process EXCEPT:

  1. Pareto chart
  2. Control charts
  3. Inspection
  4. Quality audits.
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Q3. A project manager was assigned to a project when the project charter was in development. Which of the following is an input that the project manager will use to develop the project charter?

  1. Make-or-Buy analysis
  2. Organizational Process Assets
  3. Project Acceptance Criteria
  4. Project Scope Statement
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Q4. During which part of the risk management process would you complete a risk rating matrix?

  1. Identify Risks
  2. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  3. Control Risks
  4. Plan Risk Responses
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Q5. A project manager is analyzing the relationship between the consumption of project funds and the work being accomplished for such expenditures. In which project management process would this be done?

  1. Determine Budget
  2. Estimate Costs
  3. Control Costs
  4. Manage Costs
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Q6. Which of the following is NOT a measure that determines if a business if a business practice used by another country is an unfair business practice?

  1. It hurts the right to physical movement
  2. It is a common practice in the other country
  3. It does not supply a decent wage for the country and the type of work
  4. It discriminates against women 3
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Q7. Each critical project communication requirement must be carefully analyzed. One good way is to use a communication model to design effective communications. What is the sequence of steps in a basic communication model?

  1. Encode -> Decode -> Transmit -> Acknowledge -> Feedback
  2. Encode -> Transmit -> Decode -> Acknowledge -> Feedback
  3. Decode -> Encode -> Transmit -> Acknowledge -> Feedback
  4. Encode -> Transmit -> Decode -> Feedback -> Acknowledge
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Q8. A project manager’s scope management efforts are being audited. The cost performance index (CPI) on the project is 1.13, and the benefit cost ratio (BCR) is 1.2. The project scope was created by the team and stakeholders. Requirements on the project have been changing throughout the project. No matter what the project manager has tried to accomplish in managing the project, which of the following is he MOST likely to face in the future?

  1. Having to cut costs on the project and increase benefits.
  2. Making sure the customer approved the project scope
  3. Not being able to measure completion of the product of the project.
  4. Having to add resources to the project.
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Q9. You are the project manager managing a project to design a print head for dot matrix printers. In order to determine ideal settings for print quality, the quality manager of the company suggests trying out various scenarios for printing by varying certain parameters on the print head. Identifying such variables which influence the product or process under development is called:

  1. Benchmarking
  2. Design of Experiments
  3. Statistical Sampling
  4. Brainstorming
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Q10. A project manager presented earned value analysis data in a tabular format in a performance report. Another way the project manager could have presented the earned value analysis data is with:

  1. A linear graph
  2. An S-curve
  3. A logarithmic curve
  4. An Epsilon graph
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