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Project Management Question Bank
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Some of your team members do not come to meetings on time. A few other members keep themselves busy with other activities during meetings, and their behavior is not proper. Therefore, to improve the environment what step will you take?
  1. Co-locate team members
  2. Bring them into the war room
  3. Warn them, and if they don’t listen, punish them
  4. Implement ground rules

Q2. Under which of the following scenarios would you not use a decision tree?

  1. When some future scenarios are unknown
  2. When you need to look at the implications of not choosing certain alternatives
  3. When the future scenarios are known
  4. When the outcomes of some of the actions are uncertain
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Q3. Lag means:

  1. The amount of time an activity can be delayed without delaying the project finish date
  2. The amount of time an activity can be delayed without delaying the early start date of its successor.
  3. Waiting time
  4. The product of a forward and backward pass
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Q4. A project team is currently focusing on Monitor Stakeholder Engagement process to reassess the project stakeholders' current engagement levels and to review the current stakeholder engagement strategy. Which of the following is an output of this process?

  1. Project documents updates
  2. Stakeholder engagement assessment matrix
  3. Work performance data
  4. Approved change requests
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Q5. James has been managing a hotel construction project on a busy street. He is in the process of estimating activity durations for building walls, and he calculates the most likely estimate as 15 days. If prefabricated material is used, it would take no more than 12 days to finish the work. The work may be delayed and could take up to 18 days if less experienced construction workers build the walls. What is the expected duration of building walls using the three-point estimate?

  1. 12 days
  2. 11 days
  3. 16 days
  4. 15 days
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Q6. A heuristic is BEST described as a:

  1. Control tool.
  2. Scheduling method
  3. Planning tool
  4. Rule of thumb
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Q7. What is the traditional way to display a reporting structure among project team members?

  1. Text-oriented role description
  2. Flowchart
  3. Project organization charts
  4. Matrix-based responsibility chart
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Q8. The methods used to transfer information among project stakeholders may vary significantly. A project team may apply different techniques and communication technologies to ensure effective and efficient communications. Which of the following must not be a factor to consider while choosing a communication technology?

  1. Urgency of the need for information
  2. Cheapest available technology
  3. Availability of technology
  4. Ease of use of technology
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Q9. You are in the middle of a new product development project for your publicly traded company when you discover that the previous project manager made a $3,000,000 payment that was not approved in accordance with your company policies. Luckily, the project cost performance index (CPI) is 1.2. What should you do?

  1. Put the payment in an escrow account.
  2. Bury the cost in the largest cost center available.
  3. Ignore the payment
  4. Contact your manager
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Q10. During an inspection, you are reviewing a chart and notice that a particular process is outside the below specification limit. You instruct your team member to take corrective action. What chart have you reviewed here?

  1. Cause and effect diagram
  2. Scatter diagram
  3. Run chart
  4. Control chart
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