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A: Did Arsenal beat Galatasaray in the final? B: ______.
  1. Yes, Arsenal was beaten by Galatasaray in the final.
  2. Yes, Galatasaray beat Arsenal in the final.
  3. No, Galatasaray was beaten by Arsenal
  4. No, Arsenal was beaten by Galatasaray in the final.

Q2. She would have failed the practical exam by a long way, but the school decided to ……… the rules so that she passed.

  1. bend
  2. twist
  3. skip
  4. dodge
Correct Answer

Q3. The law requires that all cars _______ regularly tested for safety and efficiency.

  1. should be
  2. to be
  3. were to be
  4. have to be
Correct Answer

Q4. If you have a ________ to make about the food, I am willing to listen.

  1. dislike
  2. trouble
  3. complaint
  4. discontent
  5. fault
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Q5. Vince knew that if he wanted to get into college, he'd have to (keep his nose to the grindstone) all senior year.

  1. Vince would have to apply for college.
  2. Vince would have to work hard for a whole year.
  3. Vince would have to wait patiently for an opportunity.
  4. Vince would have to stay out of trouble for a whole year.
Correct Answer

Q6. What do you think would be the _____ of this ring, if I were to sell it?

  1. worth
  2. value
  3. cost
  4. good
  5. importance
Correct Answer

Q7. Some working parents ______ being absent all day by giving their children lots of presents.

  1. make out
  2. make out of
  3. make up
  4. make up for
Correct Answer

Q8. Find the synonym of the following words written in capitals. ***** I wonder how many similar days I should BE FORCED to spend there.

  1. be heard
  2. be sent
  3. be made
  4. be continued
  5. be rich
Correct Answer

Q9. Mr. Johnson was very particular about the arrangement of his classroom, so the thing he hated most was when his students caused a ruckus with their wild (horseplay).

  1. Mr. Johnson hated when his students pretended to be animals.
  2. Mr. Johnson hated when his students played sports.
  3. Mr. Johnson hated when his students wrestled around with each other
  4. Mr. Johnson hated when his students made animal noises.
Correct Answer

Q10. To make someone feel upset or angry is to ______.

  1. jump them
  2. get to them
  3. do them in
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