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You are in a process which helps you evaluate the effectiveness of the risk process throughout the project. Which of the following documents will not be updated here?
  1. Assumption log
  2. Issue log
  3. Risk report
  4. Change log

2. The project manager wishes to use the Delphi technique to obtain expert opinion on some difficult technical issues she’s facing. What should she be careful to do?

  1. Make sure the experts consulted are recognized for their input.
  2. Compare information and work toward a single opinion.
  3. Consult the stakeholders.
  4. Meet together with the experts to obtain consensus.
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3. You are doing business in a foreign country and you are advised by your local contact that it will be necessary to make payments to certain officials in order to get the contract. Such payments are expected in another country, but are illegal for people from your country. What should you do?

  1. Have the local contact make the payments.
  2. Refuse to make the payment and hope to get the contract solely based on your company’s abilities.
  3. Call your government officials and ask for direction.
  4. Amend your price increasing the cost to reflect the payments to be made to local officials.
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4. Which of the following is accurate regarding the Estimate Activity Resources process?

  1. It produces project resource calendars as the output.
  2. It determines dependencies that may require a lead or lag to define the relationship.
  3. This process is coordinated independent of the Estimate Cost process.
  4. It involves determining what and how many resources to use.
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5. As an experienced PMP, you have found that running a WBS meeting is tricky because you need to find a balance between insufficient decomposition and excessive decomposition. When items are excessively decomposed, it leads to all the following except:

  1. Breaking the 100 percent rule
  2. Inefficient use of resources
  3. Nonproductive management effort
  4. Decreased efficiency when performing work
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6. The project manager’s role during the executing process group of the project can BEST be described as:

  1. A Director
  2. An Integrator
  3. A Coordinator
  4. A Leader
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7. Rodney is in the process of preparing the project performance report for the team meeting. He is expecting many questions from his stakeholders on the budget and schedule. He calculates the following values: Budget at Completion (BAC) = $22,000, Earned Value (EV) = $13,000, Planned Value (PV) = $14,000, Actual cost (AC) = $15,000. What is the Estimate at Completion (EAC) for the project, if the work is performed at the budgeted rate?

  1. $24,000
  2. $36,000
  3. $22,500
  4. $37,000
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8. A responsibility assignment matrix includes which two data points?

  1. Resource and time estimate
  2. Activity and calendar date
  3. Activity and resource
  4. Resource and usage each month
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9. Which of the following is included in a project charter?

  1. A risk management strategy
  2. Work package estimates
  3. Detailed resource estimates
  4. The business need for the project 6
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10. Your assistant project manager does the monthly earned value management (EVM) analysis, but falls ill before completing it. She has provided you with the following information: cost performance index (CPI) = 1.10, actual cost (AC) = US $800 million, planned value (PV) = US $890 million. How is the project going?

  1. The schedule is behind by 10 days.
  2. Both the schedule and the budget are better than planned
  3. There is enough money to support an offsite team outing
  4. You have no real concerns about either schedule or budget.
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