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Your company has signed up to build a high-tech machine in collaboration with ABC Corp in Japan. ABC Corp will provide the expert, technical know-how and any spare parts you may need. This is a very high-tech machine, the exact description of work is not yet clear, and you are building it for the first time. In this scenario what kind of contract will you select?
  1. FPIF
  2. CPAF
  3. T&M
  4. FFP

2. You have been given a project to construct a small dam. Currently, you are visiting your project stakeholders and asking about their needs and expectations. You also have had many workshops and brainstorming sessions with them. Which process is this?

  1. Identify stakeholders
  2. Collect requirements
  3. Define scope
  4. Control scope
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3. Under which circumstances is it BEST to use a network diagram rather than a bar chart?

  1. To report to the sponsor
  2. To show interdependence between activities
  3. To track progress or to report to the team
  4. To create a work breakdown structure
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4. Two team members are having a big disagreement about how to accomplish an activity. The project is low risk and is taking place in a strong matrix environment with 34 team members. To resolve this dispute, the project manager should:

  1. Make the decision
  2. Send the team members to their managers for advice on resolving the dispute
  3. Ask for a benchmark analysis
  4. Have the team member’s compromise.
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5. A new project manager is planning a complex hardware installation project. The team consists of 13 people who are experts in their fields. The project manager does not want to micromanage the project. How far should he decompose the work?

  1. As small as possible because the work is complex.
  2. As large as possible because he is dealing with experts
  3. To 1000-hour work packages because he is dealing with experts
  4. To about 80-hour work packages because it will make the work less complex 8
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6. You have been assigned as a project manager of a new project to be executed out of New York. However, you determine the project requires a Global Positioning Systems expert who is not available within the company in New York. After doing a little checking, you determine that the company has an expert based in London who is suitable for the project. However, the London-based employee is not willing to relocate to New York for the project. In such a case:

  1. Write to the manager of the London-based employee and inform him that the employee needs to be convinced to relocate to New York due to project requirements.
  2. You look at the option of moving ahead with the project by using a virtual team.
  3. Manage the project without the key resource and flag this as a risk.
  4. Co-location of resources is a key factor for the success of projects. As per PMI guidelines, you cannot proceed with the project since the resources are not available in New York.
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7. If the team cannot identify a suitable response to identified risk, which risk response strategy, would they apply?

  1. Transference.
  2. Acceptance.
  3. Mitigation.
  4. Avoidance
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8. All of the following are examples of Perform Quality Control EXCEPT:

  1. Inspection
  2. Cost of quality
  3. Pareto chart
  4. Fishbone diagram
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9. Communications under a contract should tend toward:

  1. Formal written communication.
  2. Formal verbal communication.
  3. Informal written communication.
  4. Informal verbal communication
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10. Which of the following is TRUE of inspections?

  1. They may not be conducted by the project team.
  2. They test future desires of prospective customers.
  3. They can only be conducted on the final product.
  4. They prevent defective deliverables from reaching the customer.
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