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Project Management Question Bank

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Enterprise environmental factors are conditions under which you must work and you cannot control them. Which of the following is not an enterprise environmental factor?
  1. Organization culture
  2. Market condition
  3. Corporate knowledge base
  4. Project management information system

2. The technique of comparing actual or planned project practices to those of other projects to generate ideas for improvement and to provide a basis by which to measure performance is known as:

  1. Workbench
  2. Benchmarking
  3. Quality control
  4. Dependency
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3. Using the chart, what is the lowest cost of crashing this project to save four weeks?

  1. $18,000
  2. $6,000
  3. $7,000
  4. $9,000
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4. Management wants the project completed in 40 days. The cost performance index (CPI) is 1.1; the project critical path duration is 38 days with a standard deviation of two days. What is the maximum project float?

  1. Zero days
  2. Two days
  3. Four days
  4. One day
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5. Why must the Validate Scope process be completed in a project?

  1. To obtain scope documents from recent similar projects for benchmarking
  2. To determine whether the scope is at the correct complexity level
  3. To obtain formal acceptance of deliverables by the customer or sponsor
  4. To ensure the project team is all aware of the scope
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6. You are building a mansion that will have copper roofs. The duration of the project will be approximately three years. You have built into the contract that, as the price of copper increases, your price increases as a percentage of the cost of the copper. However, all other costs are fixed. This is an example of what type of contract?

  1. Fixed Price with Economic Price Adjustment
  2. Fixed Price Incentive Fee
  3. Unit Price
  4. Time and Materials
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7. The WBS, estimates for each work packages, and the network diagram are completed. Which of the following would be the NEXT thing for the project manager to do?

  1. Sequence the activities
  2. Verify that they have the correct scope
  3. Create a preliminary schedule and get the team’s approval
  4. Complete risk management
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8. What does “resource leveling” mean in project management?

  1. Shortening the time it takes to complete the project
  2. Making the most efficient use of the available resources
  3. Hiring contractors to fill in during “peak” times on the project schedule
  4. Reducing the project costs
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9. Rina and Gimo are the senior developers in a website development project. They have argued about the best web design product to use in developing the new website. As the project manager, you use a forcing approach to make a decision and reduce the conflict. What is the main characteristic of this approach?

  1. Forcing to close the project
  2. Highlighting areas of agreement rather than areas of disagreement
  3. Asserting one‘s viewpoint at the expense of others
  4. Withdrawing from the actual conflict
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10. In which of the following contract types does the seller have the most cost risk?

  1. Fixed price incentive fee (FPIF)
  2. Time and material (T&M)
  3. Cost plus award fee (CPAF)
  4. Cost plus percentage of costs (CPPC).
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