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Project Management Question Bank
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If a project manager is concerned with gathering, integrating, and disseminating the outputs of all project management processes, she should concentrate on creating a better:
  1. WBS
  2. Communications management plan
  3. Project management information system
  4. Project scope management plan.

Q2. A project manager knows that she can delay the start of certain activities within the project schedule to coincide with the mitigation of a known risk. She knows exactly the work and duration needed, should the risk event occur. She is confident that the finish date will not be impacted by the time delay. Which of the following aspects of schedule development has the project manager used in this situation?

  1. She has relied on her certainty that, for risk planning purposes, assumptions are considered to be true, real or certain.
  2. GERT probability factors provide her with certainty that there will be activities in the current schedule that will not be performed at all.
  3. Her float calculations have revealed those activities that allow sufficient time for the inserted activities.
  4. The project manager’s risk management plan was to build in buffer time to all the project activities during schedule development in order to cover any risk event occurrence
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Q3. Which of the following is not an input to the Direct and Manage Project Work process?

  1. Approved Change Requests
  2. Consultants
  3. Project Management Plan
  4. Project files from prior projects
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Q4. You have received many bids from contractors and are now separating them according to their experience, technical expertise, and capabilities. After segregating these responses, you are reviewing them to see if they are capable of doing the job or not. What process is this?

  1. Conduct procurement
  2. Plan procurement management
  3. Proposal evaluation technique
  4. Manage quality
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Q5. In order to provide one of your team members with a reward for excellent performance, you are going to allow him to acquire the new skill in which he is interested. Assuming that any activity shown in the chart would provide the team member with the benefit, which activity would you assign him to?

  1. Activity D
  2. Activity E
  3. Activity F
  4. Activity B
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Q6. Variance analysis refers to cost performance measurements used to determine the magnitude of variation in comparison to the original cost baseline. What is the trend on the percentage range of acceptable variances as the project progresses?

  1. The percentage range of acceptable variances will tend to decrease as the project progresses.
  2. The percentage range of acceptable variances will tend to increase as the project progresses.
  3. The percentage range of acceptable variances will tend to decrease first and then increase as the project progresses beyond 50 percent completion.
  4. The percentage range of acceptable variances remain the same as the project progresses.
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Q7. A watch list is an output of which risk management process?

  1. Plan Risk Responses
  2. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
  3. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  4. Plan Risk Responses.
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Q8. A project’s financial management reserves are determined in which process:

  1. Estimate Costs
  2. Determine Budget
  3. Control Costs
  4. Estimate Activity Resources
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Q9. A new store development project requires the purchase of various equipment, machinery, and furniture. The department responsible for the development recently centralized its external purchasing process and standardized its new order system. In which document can these new procedures be found?

  1. Project scope statement
  2. WBS
  3. Staffing management plan
  4. Organizational policies
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Q10. The project manager is working on a high-profile project where completing the project within budget is critical. The project manager is new, but well trained and is excited to see that the project is spending less than budgeted. As a result, the project manager was planning to take a holiday when a more senior project manager warned him that he has some important work to do on the project. Why would the senior project manager give such a warning on this project?

  1. The project manager needs to create a project control system to make sure there are no problems in the future.
  2. Under budget could mean that work that was scheduled to e done has not been completed. The project manager should look at how the cost performance compares to the schedule performance
  3. A project that is under budget may also have contracts that need to be managed.
  4. Team meetings should be scheduled every week and a holiday would mean that one team meeting would have to be cancelled.
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