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You have been assigned as project manager to conduct a study to find the impact of pollution on the environment. After the project charter is signed, you have completed the identify project stakeholders process and are now about to classify them. Which of the following models of classifying the project stakeholders is not mentioned in the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition?
  1. Power / Interest grid
  2. Power / Influence grid
  3. Impact / Influence grid
  4. Impact / Power grid

2. Projects with adaptive life cycles use product backlogs to define a project’s scope. The product backlog is a set of:

  1. Voice of the customer
  2. User stories
  3. Client lullabies
  4. Non-functional requirements
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3. You are a project manager of a construction project that is financially challenged and behind schedule. A foreman fails to deliver a deliverable of the project on time as promised. You need to address the issue with the foreman. How should you approach the foreman?

  1. You are the project manager responsible for the whole of the project. To ensure you have control, remain firm, and reprimand the foreman and the team to ensure they do not slow down.
  2. You disregard the issue, acknowledging that what is done is done and develop a plan for moving forward.
  3. You meet with the foreman inquiring about what happened and seek to understand and solve the problem.
  4. You reprimand the foreman n private and ask that he keep you better informed in the future.
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4. Payment for routine government action by a foreign official is:

  1. A bribe
  2. Allowed
  3. Not payable upon violation of government law
  4. Allowed only if they process the project schedule
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5. Andy has just become the project manager of a multi-million-dollar construction project. Andy also has an approved project charter that authorizes him to apply organizational resources to the project. Now, Andy wants to take all key stakeholders onboard with the project charter. Where can Andy find a preliminary list of all key stakeholders?

  1. Project charter
  2. Stakeholder register
  3. Project management plan
  4. Risk register
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6. Change control tool selection should be based on the needs of the project stakeholders, including organizational and environmental considerations and/or constraints. Which of the following is not a key change management consideration while selecting an appropriate change control tool for a project?

  1. Identifying and selecting a change item
  2. Configuration item verification and audit
  3. Documenting the change into a proper change request
  4. Tracking change requests
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7. During the risk qualification process, you have identified many risks with a low impact or probability of happening. How will you deal with these risks?

  1. Ignore them
  2. Analyze them further
  3. Keep on the watch list
  4. Plan a risk response for them
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8. Greg’s project is in the initiating stage. The sponsor of the project has asked Greg to present a list of the identified project stakeholders at the next project update meeting. The sponsor has also asked Greg to present the project stakeholders’ current and desired engagement levels so they can brainstorm on the stakeholder engagement strategy. Which of the following is a presentation tool that can help Greg summarize all this information in a tabular format?

  1. Communications management plan
  2. Stakeholder register
  3. Stakeholder engagement assessment matrix
  4. Stakeholder engagement plan
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9. The complexity of the information flow in any project depends upon the complexity of the project itself. Information flows through various channels in complex projects. The project management team is responsible for gathering, compiling, analyzing, and reporting this information. Which of the following processes finally releases the project information to the project stakeholders?

  1. Plan Communications Management
  2. Monitor Communications
  3. Manage Communications
  4. Manage Stakeholder Engagement
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10. Which of the following statements is incorrect?

  1. Developing a project team is the responsibility of the project manager.
  2. A project manager must not acquire resources needed to develop effective project teams.
  3. High team performance can be achieved using open and effective communications.
  4. Teamwork is a critical success factor for a project.
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