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Your project has successfully completed; the deliverable is handed over to the client, and you are in the close phase or project process. Which of the following activities will you not perform in the close phase or project process?
  1. Update lessons learned
  2. Release the resources
  3. Acceptance of deliverables
  4. All of the above

2. How would you calculate your EAC if the ETC work is performed at the budgeted rate?

  1. EAC = BAC/CPI
  2. EAC= BAC-EV
  3. EAC = AC + BAC - EV
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3. A project manager is finalizing a project that has had repeated problems with cost conformance. He is concerned about what management will say. Which of the following types of information would be BES for the project manager to use to evaluate performance?

  1. The cost performance index (CPI)
  2. A list of complaints from senior management
  3. The last bar chart
  4. The project budget 11
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4. Which of these is not an established Estimate Activity Durations technique?

  1. Three Point Estimating
  2. Parametric Estimating
  3. Analogous Estimating
  4. Critical Path Estimation
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5. In your weekly status reports, you report the earned value for the project. This information is essential for you and the stakeholders to gauge the progress of the project. What process group is the cost and schedule control part of?

  1. Closing
  2. Planning
  3. Executing
  4. Monitoring and Controlling
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6. The project management plan is LEAST useful for which of the following?

  1. Guiding project execution
  2. Documenting planning assumptions
  3. Facilitating communication among stakeholders
  4. Developing the project charter
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7. Which of these tools and techniques is common to all seven Project Integration Management processes?

  1. Meetings
  2. Data analysis
  3. Data gathering
  4. Expert Judgment
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8. You are working on a medium-sized project and management has decided to forego the perform quantitative risk analysis process. So, after identifying risks, you start the qualitative risk analysis process and now you are going to prioritize them. Which of the following techniques are you going to use?

  1. Probability and impact
  2. Fishbone diagram
  3. Scatter diagram
  4. Sensitive analysis
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9. The client informs you that he noticed some parts of the work are not being completed by your team. You ensure him you will look into it and give a proper response after verifying the facts. Which document will you refer to verify it?

  1. Scope statement
  2. WBS dictionary
  3. Schedule baseline
  4. WBS
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10. You have decided to apply Resource Leveling to a project because of a critically required resource being available only at certain times. Which of the following will likely be true?

  1. Resource Leveling can often cause the original critical path to change.
  2. Resource Leveling will over-allocate resources to schedule the project before the deadline.
  3. Resource Leveling will require additional resources to complete the project.
  4. Resource Leveling will never alter the original critical path.
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