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For question number 344, determine the estimate at completion assuming the future cost performance is same as the past cost performance.
  1. 110,000 USD
  2. 85,000 USD
  3. 909,09 USD
  4. 117,647 USD

Q2. Management is asking you to provide them with the report on the project’s status and progress. Therefore, you start preparing a report on it. You are preparing a chart where you are using a virtual activity (an aggregation of several activities) showing the summary levels so management can understand it easily. This virtual activity is known as:

  1. Milestone
  2. Control activity
  3. Hammock activity
  4. WBS activity
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Q3. A project has faced major difficulties in the quality of its deliverables. Management now states that quality is the most important project constraint. If another problem with quality were to occur, what would be the BEST thing for the project manager to do?

  1. Fix the problem as soon as possible.
  2. Allow the schedule to slip by cutting cost.
  3. Allow cost to increase by fixing the root cause of the problem.
  4. Allow risk to increase by cutting cost.
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Q4. What is another name for the waiting time between two activities?

  1. Free float
  2. Total float
  3. Lag
  4. CPM
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Q5. Which of the following is the BEST project management tool to use to determine the longest time the project will take?

  1. WBS
  2. Network diagram
  3. Bar chart
  4. Project charter
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Q6. The sponsor has asked you to require that each piece of the project scope be planned, estimated, and scheduled. The sponsor also wants to authorize each piece of the project management plan after the documentation is assembled. What is the MOST appropriate response to these requests?

  1. Politely advise the sponsor to forego the authorization of work.
  2. Provide the sponsor with a schedule of when the components will be ready for authorization
  3. Ask the sponsor to authorize each piece before it is completed
  4. Tell the sponsor that the chance for authorization will come after the pieces of the project management plan are compiled
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Q7. Your team is analyzing the project and comes up with the information in the chart. What activities are on the critical path?

  1. Not enough information
  2. Activities B, C, and I
  3. Activities B, C, E, F, H
  4. Activities D, G, I Activity Baseline Crash Time Cost Time Cost A 10 $4,000 8 $6,000 B 2 $6,000 2 $6,000 C 14 $22,000 12 $26,000 D 6 $9,000 5 $10,000 E 9 $14,000 7 $19,000 F 8 $18,000 4 $36,000 64
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Q8. Which of the following is CORRECT concerning a change management plan?

  1. It should include a method for controlling schedule
  2. It is better if it focuses on cost
  3. It is better if it concentrates on risk
  4. It should be created during the executing process group.
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Q9. Many project managers have seen a graph that shows “Influence of Stakeholders” starting out high and declining as the project progresses. In contrast, it also shows the “Cost of Changes” starting out low and increasing as the project progresses. What is the key insight a project manager should gain from this graph?

  1. Stakeholder influence is not important at the end of the project.
  2. Make changes as early in the project as possible.
  3. Set aside money for expected changes at the end of the project.
  4. Place the project on hold until all changes are made.
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Q10. During the Manage Stakeholder Engagement process, a number of project documents might get updated. Which of the following project documents get updated the most during this process?

  1. Stakeholder register
  2. Risk register
  3. Project reports
  4. Project presentations
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