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Project Management Question Bank
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The client has requested a change in a deliverable which you have processed through a change request and it is approved. Now, you are in the process of implementing this change into the project. In which of the following processes do you implement the approved change?
  1. Monitor and control project work
  2. Direct and manage project work
  3. Perform integrated change control
  4. Control scope

Q2. Who is ultimately responsible for quality management on the project?

  1. The project engineer
  2. The project manager
  3. The quality manager
  4. Team member
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Q3. You are having difficulty estimating the cost of a project. Which of the following BEST describes the most probable cause of your difficulty?

  1. Inadequate scope definition
  2. Unavailability of desired resources
  3. Lack of historical records from previous projects.
  4. Lack of company processes.
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Q4. You are a project manager who is in charge of an important project for your company. The project is 40 percent complete after three months and has cost $350,000. The budget for the project is $950,000 and is scheduled to last eight months. How is the project performing?

  1. The project is behind schedule and over budget.
  2. The project is ahead of schedule and under budget.
  3. The project is behind schedule and under budget.
  4. The project is ahead of schedule and over budget.
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Q5. What is the primary risk when including reserves, or contingency allowances, in your cost estimate?

  1. Cancelling your project
  2. Understating the cost estimate
  3. Overstating the cost estimate
  4. Tracking the funds
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Q6. Which of the following tools helps in determining the gaps between the current and desired stakeholder engagement levels?

  1. Stakeholder register
  2. Monte Carlo analysis
  3. Stakeholder engagement assessment matrix
  4. Fishbone diagram
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Q7. Recommended corrective actions result from which of the following?

  1. Cost aggregation
  2. Bottom-up estimating
  3. Reserve analysis
  4. Control costs.
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Q8. What is present value (PV)

  1. Value of assets that a company owns
  2. Today’s value of future cash flows
  3. Future value of money on hand today
  4. Current value of today’s assets adjusted for inflation 9
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Q9. Which of these items are important to address when determining each person's role in the project team?

  1. Role, authority, responsibility, and competency
  2. Role, responsibility, and competency
  3. Role and responsibility
  4. Role, authority, and competency
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Q10. A list of risks for additional study is an output of:

  1. Identify risks
  2. Plan risk management
  3. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  4. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis.
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