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You have been appointed a project manager for a project which involves more than 3,000 stakeholders. After identifying your project stakeholders, you are in the process of determining the method to use for transferring information to your stakeholders. Which of the following factors will not affect your choice of technology?
  1. Sensitivity of the information
  2. Project environment
  3. Ease of use
  4. Number of stakeholders

Q2. A project has suffered many delays and the project manager has moved resources around, spent more time with risk management, and even fast tracked the project where possible. The project must be completed by its original agreed-to date, as resources are needed for another project at that time. The project manager is about to meet with the customer to tell them that product scope needs to be cut when you stop him. What would you advise him to do?

  1. Cut quality before cutting scope
  2. Move resources from a noncritical path to a critical path
  3. Work overtime
  4. Re-evaluate the project’s business case.
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Q3. During the team member acquiring process, you observe that a particular employee from another department can be used for your project for some work. Therefore, you ask their functional manager to provide the employee on alternate days. The functional manager says they can provide you with the particular employee for only two days a week. Which technique are you using here?

  1. Acquire project team
  2. Negotiation
  3. Pre-assignment
  4. Develop project team
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Q4. Your company is undergoing a change in ownership and the new owners are looking at the total cost of a new product. Which of the following would BEST provide that information?

  1. Estimate at completion
  2. Life cycle cost
  3. Earned value
  4. Net present value
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Q5. You have just completed the design phase for a client’s project and are about to enter the implementation phase. All of the following need to be done EXCEPT:

  1. Lessons learned
  2. Updating records
  3. Formal acceptance
  4. Completion of the product of the project.
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Q6. You are a non-technical project manager. Two highly skilled and knowledgeable resources on your project are in conflict over the best technical solution to meet a project requirement. However, this is not affecting the project schedule. Who is initially responsible for the conflict resolution?

  1. The project sponsor is initially responsible for the conflict resolution.
  2. The project manager is initially responsible for the conflict resolution.
  3. Both team members are initially responsible for the conflict resolution.
  4. Either of the team members is responsible for the conflict resolution.
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Q7. A manager notices that a project manager is holding a meeting with some of the team and some stakeholders to discuss the quality of the project. The project schedule has been compressed, and the CPI is 1.1. They have worked hard on the project, the team has been rewarded according to the reward system the project manager put in place, and there is a strong sense of team. The manager suggests that the project manager does not have enough time to hold meetings about quality when the schedule is so compressed. Which of the following BEST describes why the manager is wrong?

  1. Improved quality leads to increased productivity, increased cost effectiveness, and decreased cost risk
  2. Improved quality leads to increased productivity, decreased cost effectiveness, and increased cost risk.
  3. Improved quality leads to increased productivity, increased cost effectiveness, and increased cost risk
  4. Improved quality leads to increased productivity, decreased cost effectiveness and decreased cost risk.
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Q8. The Verify Scope process is different than the Perform Quality Control process in that:

  1. Perform Quality Control focuses on the quality of the project, while Verify Scope focuses on customer acceptance
  2. Verify Scope is performed throughout the project and Perform Quality Control is done throughout the project.
  3. Perform Quality Control is considered part of Plan Quality while Verify Scope is not.
  4. Scope verification is provided to the project management team while quality control is provided to the project.
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Q9. A project manager is trying to budget time for the various processes in the Project Schedule Management Knowledge Area. As project activities are performed, in which of these processes will the majority of effort occur?

  1. Control Schedule
  2. Estimate Activity Durations
  3. Define Activities
  4. Develop Schedule
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Q10. You are the project manager for a large installation project when you realize that there are over 200 potential stakeholders on the project. Which of the following would be the BEST course of action for you to take?

  1. Eliminate some stakeholders.
  2. Contact your manager, and ask which stakeholders are most important.
  3. Gather the needs of all the most influential stakeholders.
  4. Find an effective way to gather the needs of all stakeholders.
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