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Project Management Question Bank
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You are currently in a process whose main benefit is to increase support and minimize resistance from stakeholders as the project evolves and environment changes. Which is not a tool and technique of this process?
  1. Ground rules
  2. Expert judgment
  3. Document analysis
  4. Meetings

Q2. You are having your project team members record the time they spend on different activities during the day, such as programming, electrical, HVAC, etc. This is an example of a tool and technique in what process?

  1. Manage Communications
  2. Direct and Manage Project Work
  3. Monitor and Control Project Work
  4. Manage Team
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Q3. All of the follow are correct statements about a project manager EXCEPT:

  1. He or she is assigned after the project chart is created.
  2. He or she may initiate changes to the project
  3. He or she manages changes and factors that create change
  4. He or she is held accountable for project success or failure.
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Q4. A data point on a control chart that requires investigation is called:

  1. A special cause
  2. Gold plated
  3. A rule of seven
  4. A specification limit
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Q5. Your company is purchasing the services of a consultant. You own stock in one of the consulting companies interested in the work. What should you do?

  1. Work hard to get the consulting company selected for the project.
  2. Tell your manager and remove yourself from the selection committee.
  3. Tell the people from the consulting company that you hope they get the work.
  4. Keep the information to yourself.
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Q6. The termination clause and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanism for each procurement in a project is in the:

  1. Scope Statement
  2. Agreement
  3. Resource Calendars
  4. Source Selection Criteria
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Q7. Which estimating method tends to be MOST costly for creating a project cost estimate?

  1. Bottom-up
  2. Analogous
  3. Parametric
  4. 50/50 rule
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Q8. The scope of work in a project could not be clearly defined. There was also a strong possibility that the scope would change during the course of the project. Which type of contract would suit this type of situation?

  1. Fixed-price with economic price adjustment contract
  2. Fixed-price contract
  3. Cost-reimbursable contract
  4. Fixed-price incentive contract
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Q9. Which of the following BEST describes what co-location does for the project?

  1. Saves cost
  2. Reduces communication problems
  3. Accelerates schedule
  4. Improves opportunities
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Q10. You have advertised in several newspapers to inform interested contractors to apply for a bid for some of your procurement needs. Which process are you currently in?

  1. Plan procurement management
  2. Conduct procurement
  3. Control procurement
  4. None of the above
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