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Project Management Question Bank
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You are in the middle of your project and working on a deliverable which is 90% completed. It is time for the yearly audit. A team of auditors are about to come and verify if you are following the process as defined or not. However, as the deliverable is about to be completed, you check it and measure all dimensions to find any possible dimensional defects. What process is this?
  1. Control quality
  2. Manage quality
  3. Plan quality management
  4. Control scope

Q2. Which of the following is NOT an output of the Manage Stakeholders process?

  1. Approved corrective actions
  2. Deliverables
  3. Updates to the project management plan
  4. Organizational process asset updates 46
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Q3. You manage the construction of a new airport in your home country. Since your organization does not have experience deploying the sophisticated air-traffic control system, you outsourced this to a specialist organization. PMBOK’s Procurement Management knowledge will help you successfully administer this deal; however, for the supplier of the system, all the PMBOK processes will apply since this will be a complete project for the supplying organization. Which of the following will be a common denominator between your project and the supplier projects?

  1. Project management plan
  2. Supply agreement
  3. Project’s scope of work
  4. Budget for the air-traffic control system
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Q4. Daniel is the project manager for a factory construction project. Daniel has recently joined this organization and is not fully aware of the organization‘s culture and structure. In order to manage his project stakeholders, Daniel has to understand them better. Which of the following can provide Daniel some historical information regarding stakeholder engagement on previous projects?

  1. Project management plan
  2. Enterprise environmental factors
  3. Organizational process assets
  4. Project charter
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Q5. After identifying the risks, you analyze them qualitatively and quantitatively to see if your risk response planning will effectively minimize the project risk or not. If not, you will tweak your risk response plan so the project risks fall within the stakeholders’ tolerance limits. Which of the following statements is correct about the quantitative risk analysis process?

  1. It is performed before qualitative risk analysis
  2. It is performed on each project
  3. Performed after qualitative risk analysis, if required
  4. None of the above
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Q6. As per the chart, the resource completing activity E is not performing very well. After much argument, the functional manager agrees to assign a different resource to activity E, but this will increase activity E’s duration to seven months. What is the effect of this change?

  1. None, because activity E was not on the critical path
  2. The project will be delayed because activity E is on the critical path
  3. The project will be delayed because activity E has float of five
  4. None, because activity E has float of four.
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Q7. Eric, a project manager, is a certified PMP. He is responding to an RFP from a buyer and needs to fill in details on his company’s financial performance. His company has performed poorly during the current quarter, and the results will be published in two to three days. However, the company has done very well in the previous quarters. The RFP is due in 10 days, and all the information in the RFP is complete except the financial information. What should Eric do?

  1. Eric should fill in the information for the previous quarter and ignore the current quarter. This is an aberration, and the company will eventually come out of the bad patch.
  2. Eric should present the previous quarter's results as the latest results. This will give his company a better chance to win the project.
  3. Eric should fill in the financial information for the previous quarter and send out the RFP response before the current quarter results are published.
  4. Eric should wait until the current results are out and update the latest financial information before sending out the RFP response.
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Q8. The costs on a project are typically classified as direct and indirect costs. The cost of electric utilities for the office is:

  1. An indirect cost
  2. Appraisal cost
  3. A specific cost
  4. A direct cost
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Q9. As the project manager of a large project, you have just completed the Estimate Costs process. As you begin the Determine Budget process, which of the following would you require as inputs to the process from the Estimate Costs process?

  1. Activity cost estimates, basis of estimates
  2. Activity cost estimates, activity resource estimates
  3. Resource breakdown structure, agreements
  4. Activity cost estimates, staff management plan
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Q10. A discretionary dependency is one that is based on:

  1. Experience
  2. The needs of someone outside the project
  3. The nature of the work being done
  4. The needs of the project sponsor
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