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IRGST Question Bank for Exam Preparation
Project Management Question Bank

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Two very important stakeholders are having a conflict which may affect your project. They come to you but you are very busy. In this case what kind of conflict resolution technique should you select?
  1. Problem solve
  2. Force
  3. Avoid
  4. Smooth

Q2. During Control risks process, the risk response owner should be:

  1. Identifying which risks he/she wants to monitor
  2. Controlling the identification of response strategies
  3. Informing the project manager of any midcourse correction needed
  4. Updating stakeholders of new strategies for mitigating risks.
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Q3. Which of the following techniques focuses on identifying non-value-added activities in a project?

  1. Pareto charting
  2. Process analysis
  3. Root cause analysis
  4. Affinity diagrams
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Q4. Senior management has imposed a project delivery date prior to acceptance of the project scope statement. To whom is the project manager MOST accountable?

  1. Project sponsor
  2. Project team
  3. Customer
  4. Senior management
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Q5. You are constructing an office building. The cost of this project is 200,000 USD, and the duration of the project is 8 months. During the performance review in the sixth month, you find that 65% of the work is completed and the cost performance index is 1.3. The Planned Value (PV) will be:

  1. 150,000 USD
  2. 130,000 USD
  3. 70,000 USD
  4. 266,666 USD
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Q6. A project manager uses the precedence diagramming method (PDM) for constructing a project schedule network and creates a network diagram for the purpose. He decides to use the most common type of precedence relationship for all activities. Which of the following relationships would he use?

  1. Start-to-finish (SF)
  2. Finish-to-finish (FF)
  3. Start-to-start (SS)
  4. Finish-to-start (FS)
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Q7. What is another name for the waiting time between two activities?

  1. Free float
  2. Total float
  3. Lag
  4. CPM
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Q8. You are working in a big organization. Due to a change in market conditions your organization needs to raise a small project to accommodate the current change in the organization’s processes. The initiating phase is complete and now you are in the planning phase and developing the project plan. Which of the following project management processes can be omitted for this project?

  1. Perform qualitative risk analysis
  2. Manage quality
  3. Perform quantitative risk analysis
  4. Create WBS
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Q9. Nate is the project manager for a research and development project. According to the project communication management plan, Nate has to call in weekly project progress update meetings. The last few meetings were a disaster since more time was spent in arguments and less on decisions. Which of the following techniques does Nate need to quickly acquire?

  1. Presentation techniques
  2. Listening techniques
  3. Writing style
  4. Meeting management techniques
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Q10. Payment for routine government action by a foreign official is:

  1. A bribe
  2. Allowed
  3. Not payable upon violation of government law
  4. Allowed only if they process the project schedule
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