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I ______ what the problem is by tomorrow.
  1. will be discovering
  2. have discovered
  3. will have discovered
  4. will be discovered

2. We saw ______ last week.

  1. award winning of French film
  2. A French film award winning
  3. an award winning French film
  4. a film of French winning award
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3. She is very healthy, but______.

  1. she can play tennis
  2. she is also rich
  3. she might get sick
  4. she reads a lot
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4. When she got the promotion, she started to look ______ on the people she used to work with.

  1. up
  2. for
  3. down
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5. The famous Tower of London was built as a fortress by William the Conqueror. Early in the Middle Ages the kings used it as a palace; later on it was turned into a prison, but only distinguished prisoners, including statesmen and princes, were held there. Today the Tower is a national museum, where, among other things, the jewelry of the English kings and queens is on display. --------- It is obvious from the passage that the functions of the Tower of London _____.

  1. were all established by William the Conqueror.
  2. have always been controlled by the kings.
  3. have varied greatly over the centuries.
  4. are all of a military nature.
  5. have not changed at all since the Middle Ages.
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6. That is the film ______.

  1. it is about Turkish people
  2. we are liked
  3. I watched last week
  4. it is a western
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7. Find the synonym of the following word. ***** Accustomed

  1. flexible
  2. limp
  3. stiff
  4. used to
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8. What's on your bucket list? Your bucket list is:

  1. a list of things you want to do before you die
  2. a list of things you need to pack for your holidays
  3. a list of things you need to buy because you have run out of them
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9. He’s not ________ of learning German in six months.

  1. possible
  2. interested
  3. inclined
  4. able
  5. capable
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10. He broke his leg ______ he was skiing.

  1. as soon as
  2. after
  3. when
  4. before
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