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We usually ______ the news on TV at eight o’clock, but tonight we ______ that new soap opera.
  1. are watching / watched
  2. watch / are watching
  3. are watching / are watching
  4. watch / watched

Q2. I ______ what the problem is by tomorrow.

  1. will be discovering
  2. have discovered
  3. will have discovered
  4. will be discovered
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Q3. You'll find out who your fair-weather friends are when you get

  1. rich and famous
  2. sick and depressed
  3. married and have kids
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Q4. I know you’ve got it - so come on, ______!

  1. hand it on
  2. hand it out
  3. hand it over
  4. hand it in
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Q5. During this year we ______ many advances in computer science.

  1. had seen
  2. have seen
  3. saw
  4. are seeing
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Q6. Why do our students always cheat in tests? I don't know, I haven't the ……… .

  1. foggiest thought
  2. foggiest idea
  3. foggiest notion
  4. foggiest answer
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Q7. The fact that the experts say stagnation will continue for some time _______.

  1. industry will suffer a lot
  2. we should be prepared for higher inflation
  3. is annoying
  4. we cannot avoid it
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Q8. We have to break ______ all our emotional barriers to feel free.

  1. away
  2. down
  3. into
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Q9. It is very difficult to drive in ______.

  1. rush houred slow-moving traffic
  2. slow moving traffic of rush hour
  3. rush-hour slow moving traffic
  4. slow moving rush hour traffic
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Q10. The disease ________ widely, all over the country.

  1. sprang
  2. sped
  3. spread
  4. spilt
  5. spun
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